Mehdi Shah designates himself as "Dr. Politics", PPP campaign continues in LA 19, Ghizar

A public rally in Hatoon, Punial. The date-stamp is result of a machine error.

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Gahkuch, April 25: “Those who call me illiterate need to learn the manners. I have done PhD in politics”, Chief Minister of GB, Syed Mehdi Shah, has announced during an election campaign rally in Gahkuch, the district head quarter of Ghizar.

He said that there is no competition between Naji and Jawahir Ali Khan, the PPP candidate.

“Even if Naji and Karim (PMLN candidate) are able to win, they will have to come to me for recruiting office boys”, the Chief Minister bragged.

He said that PPP has done a lot for the people of Ghizar and now it is their time to return the favours by voting for the party candidate.

The top PPP leadership of GB has been touring the LA 19, Ghizar 1, constituency, to mobilize support for the party candidate.

Mehdi Shah also said that media is giving his government a very tough time.

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  1. Chief Minister is talking like a Moghul King.
    I hope the Election Commission and Couts take notice of his words

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