Jiyalas in Gilgit remember their fallen comrades of Karsaz carnage

Farman Karim

Gilgit, October 18: “From Gawadar to Khunjrab a government of the people is in place. We are fighting against the menace of corruption and nepotism. The youth of Gilgit – Baltistan shall seek their rights through legal manners.

These views were expressed by GB finance minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, while addressing a ceremony held in Gilgit to pay tribute to the activists of Pakistan Peoples Party who were killed and injured in Karachi when Mohatma BB returned from a self imposed exile.

The finance minister also paid rich tributes to the activists of PPP and attributed PPP’s success in the last election to their sacrifices.

The gathering was also addressed by a large number of PPP’s regional and local leadership.

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  1. In the 21st century, we’re still unaable to pinpoint our issues vis a vis the needs of the day. Most of our people chanting slogans of the PPP,PML,JUI,MQM and so on without consentrating the regional geo-political problems that has nothing to do with these parties’ slogans. I don’t understand that our people are so ignorant (even being literate-as they claim) or just selfish to grabbing or pouching the money comming in from the colonisators???
    Primitivity is so profoundly embedded in our society that even after the literacy, we’re unable to predict our future. This kind of society is only exposed to the vulnarabilities of the current geo-political dynamics of ‘ self sacrificed colonization’. Means “those who can do nothing without the dictation of others”. So you deserve to be exploited and colonized. I am not surprised to see your actions that are completely fit to your mental approaches and standards

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