More than 20 men held in Hunza in early morning raid

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Aliabad, August 20: Law enforcing agencies have arrested more than 20 men from Altit, Nasirabad, Aliabad, Karimabad and Murtazabad.

The arrests have come in reaction to the violent protests that had gripped the peaceful Hunza Valley after the brutal murder of two Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Aliabad, who wanted to protest in front of the Chief Minister, Mehdi Shah, and demand early release of rehabilitation funds.

According to information contingents of police raided houses in Altit, Nasirabad, Aliabad, Karimabad and Murtazabad Villages of Central Hunza at around 3-4 AM, early morning today and arrested more than 20 people. They have, reportedly, been shifted to Pisan Police Station in Nagar.

The detained people include several young activists of Progressive Youth Front, including Tahir Jan and Irfan. An activist of the PYO, Afsar Jan, has also been arrested from his house in Nasirabad.

It is pertinent to note that on request of police a committee had been formed in Hunza Valley to collect weapons that were stolen from police stations during the 08/11 incident. The committee had been able to recover more than 70 % of the missing weapons while efforts were under way to get the remaining 30%.

The IGP had promised that no arrests will be made if the stolen weapons were recovered.

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  1. how shameful act, peaceful people are raided early in the morning, first they shoot bullet on peaceful protesters now raiding peaceful houses,its time for people of Hunza to bit calm and politically and peacefully government should be pressurized to release those arrested people. this local government or mehdi shah has bad intentions for Hunza, what ever political party we are belonged to, this government and their agents are doing something nasty.
    as i understand some agents in the current government are trying to create law and order situation in Hunza which Wazir Baig and Mutatbiat shah have some blind eye on it. i dont know either they are part of it or are totally fool.

  2. the effecties hav become a plitical tool 4 the frustrated pilitical rivals of government.i hav seen effecties selling goods in market and people of attabad even if they abode in gilgit go to hunza to collect khairat…….shamefullllllllllllllllllllll .frustrated amaidin of hunza are trying to make the situation worse by charging the innocent minds of youth rather giving them a positive direction.i believe our government is weak but it was a mistake of our own hunzukuz brother and people putting the entire blam upon the govenment is totally unfair.we are a poor nation of poor the time of attabad disaster it was i think the ever first in history of pakistan or elsewhere where people were flying in helicorpters even to buy balances and i witnessed it .and let me tell u we are all corrupt we need to satnd in the court of our own conscience to reflect our acts specially those who are creating this state of terrorism and un wanted chaos.

  3. @ Sad Soul ……

    Your statements are really derogatory for those who have been suffering for the past 18 months due to constant failure of the government.

    Since you seem to be a spokesperson for the government, would you care to shed some light on the following;

    1. Why is the 320 million rupees allocated for the affectees still with the government?
    2. Where is the educational fund given by the federal government?
    3. Where is the money (tens of millions) made by the political leaders with the help of bureaucrats from selling of Chinese relief oil?
    4. What if the people of Gojal travelled in choppers for 2 months to and from Aliabad? what alternative did they have at that time?
    5. Why did our elected leader allow presentation of a resolution in the assembly that termed the people of Gojal as “traitors” and “anti-state elements”?

    Eagerly waiting for your responses

  4. my dear brother i respect your feelings your emotions.i really m not a spokesman of government.i really condemn the government for its failure of distributing money or watsoever.also i have no idea about the wanished money zakota jin la gya hoga believe me i havent.also sab kuch mila ga show some patience .we are a poor country.i dont say u just sit and wait for a miracle but there are better ways to raise the voices .whole country is facing problems and issues but nobody dared to put our flag on fire…………… u better behave and will get good name.

  5. Please don’t pass judgemental comments about the IDPs and protesters if you are not aware of the facts.

    Zakota Jin nahi to Jakota jaisa he koyi aadmi lay gaya hay ye sara paisa ….

    I join you in condemning the violence but we shall also understand the reasons behind such mishaps. If the government and police keep killing innocent people and plundering their resources, using state force and authority, then the frustrated people are justified in showing their anger against the state and the government.

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