Kathmandu photographs

Jana Jogi de naal ni, may jana jogi de naal
Jana Jogi de naal ni, may jana jogi de naal


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  1. Noor – wonderful pictures, I hope you have enjoyed in Kathmandu. This is a great achievement that you have
    presented a paper in the World press freedom day regarding the PT and social change in the Hunza valley.

  2. Dear Noor,
    What a nice combination yar. This picture will definately remind you of your visit to Kathmandu.

    Many many congratulations for the successful completion of the task.


    Aslam Ghalib

    Lahore, Pakistan

  3. Dear Nur your Trip to Kathmandu i hope it was superb trip and enjoying a lots wooooooow !!!!!!!!!!!!!well dear it’s call life Geo Tu Ehsa
    gojal lover

  4. ……that how you got through d diversity………..awsome pic……….cogrates loooopyor

  5. dear noor that is a great scene indeed.hope you had a good visit.lets lus know as well how your tour was,what you observed and what is there for us to learn about these people and Areas.

    sher khan Rawalpindi

  6. dashing sir jee. meri b koi tasveer……… on pamir times. self promotion!!!!! like it man

  7. Not bad, every one has the right to enjoy. However, we want to see you with intellectual not with Jogi n jugglers. Hope u will never mind papu.

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