Qamar Zaman Kaira wants to hear “sensible talks” only


The governor of Gilgit – Baltistan does not seem to know that the number of machines working on the lake barrier increased 24 hrs before his arrival in Hunza. He should tolerate independent views about the issues instead of basing his analysis on misleading official reports. Moreover, as a minister working under a democratic setup, he should control his emotions and respect difference of opinion.

Journalists have played a very important role in exposing the “ALL IS OK” reports sent across the world by our “trusted” government officials and the governor shall not try to impose his, substance-less, dictatorial views on others.

We all know that the government has not established any early warning system in Gilgit – Baltistan. He should have asked the government officials that he trusts and is proud of to show him the system that they claim to have established, instead of relying on their “reports”.  Editor

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  1. Qamar Zamana Qiria is an imported Governor for Gilgit Biltistan, and a person from Gilgit Baltistan can not behave like this. it is shame full for the failure governor making such false statements and he is trying to hide his weakness.
    NDMA and Qaira are responsible for the disaster in Gojal valley and for the upcoming disaster in down stream areas.

  2. We just expect these remarks for such ministers who are busy whole time in collecting kickbacks, he should behave like a minister not a dictator, even Musharf was better if compare with these ministers, however PT reports keep its efforts to expose the failure of so called democratic representative, I assume the capacity of Wazir Baig, he is also not a democratic person, Gojalis should realized that Wazir is not different from Mirs… Shame to all so called elected representatives


    It was a sheer embarrassment to see a person, in such an important position, to talk in such an immature, insensitive, and insulting manner. I would highly recommend to send him to some crash course of ” Principles of Polite Discourse.” But I doubt that the politeness and manners can be acquire through a short crash course. It needs a prolonged exposure, practice, concentration, and bent of mind.

    At the same time I would like to admire the courageous comments, queries, and questions by Zulfiqar Ali Khan. Well done Zulifiqar we are proud of you. You are doing tremendous work for the cause. Keep it up. Shahid Siddiqui

    1. I agree Dr. Saddique that all our political leaders need a crash course. I heard a similar story as when Kaira visited the area immediately after the blockage, he showed the same attitude as when he assured people that it will be opened withing 5 days, one local leader (in education) told him that it is impossible to open it within five days, and his response was: ‘Are you an engineer?’ telling me this…………. first Kaira should known that education is learning from experiences and thousand years of experience in the area has developed not only engineers but multiple skills in people. And secondly, can these political leaders talk in a language which is understandable to the common people. a day might be a month for kaira but for the common people a day is 24 hours…. So Kaira do not ever think that people living in that area are foolish and they dont know much…..they are much more better and aware of their rights compare to other remote parts of pakistan…..

  4. I really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan..Gojalians you all have to be bold like Zulfi for his right…Kaira cant impose his views on us…Govt. and our representative had done nothing so far..they are just waiting for some funds from world bank for corruption…This must be shameful for Kaira, Speaker, NDMA and Home Secretary Gilgit for giving such false reports and statements…

  5. Well done Zulfiqar Bhai, the elected members of the GB should learn from you how to fight for the rights of their people. they are all part of a dummy and paralyzed system.
    i would really admire your effort and courage. keep it up

  6. gulmit wallay meray baioo lala musa ka kaira ap ka kabi bi hamdard nahi ho sakta . aj us nay dekhaya ppp ka sath wafadari ka silah jo ap k samnay hai.apnay bhayun ko peh chnaoo or mil kr ilaqay ka tarqi k liay kam kro

  7. OUTRAGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I know this Gujrati Imported Piece is a defective one; has no usage in Gilgit Baltistan. But I would also say, we really need to improve our journalistic skills. If we get a chance to study journalism, its better otherwise we need to read a lot about electronic media reporting and interview skills.

    Anyway, superb job guys.

  9. this is what our leaders are.

    I appreciate the questions and feelings shared by Mr. Zulfiqar and other certainly we are proud of you. there is a saying.

    (Such hamisha kadwa lagtha hay)

    I felt shame of our leaders immature attitude.I will direct them that before comming in politics thay must go to any university or college to learn the atticates and maturity
    Our governer and the adminstration should feel shame on their behaviours. Thay are even not capable to face our yong and educated journalists. Instead of answering their qustions thay become emotional

    Ali Masud


  10. Mr. Kaira Mind your language and sham on you
    We better know your experts view during your last visit to Hunza and assured people you will oped the blockade within few weeks. Mr. governor the local people indigenous knowledge is better then your expert and you. Second the people of Gilgit/Baltistan better knows FWO patriots who sale them diesel from these machine. Third the way you are educating journalist how to ask question? Wonderful Mr. Kaira.

  11. Dear Zulfiqar,
    We are really proud of you that you raised the real issue in front of that the so called governer and his puppets. Your efforts will bear fruit one day.We really appreciate your courage.These so called democratic people are not going to listen to any of thier fault and will beat their own drums.We all should stand together to fight for our basic rights

  12. Only our Pakistani Politicians have the correct atiquates and best Manners the all World knows the Pakistani corrupt politicians.Show us Your True face!..


    Mr. Qamar Zaman.

    Today You are teaching us the Gilgit Baltistan to show manners.I beleave You are dealing now with literate peoples and we are not a layback soceity. Our literacy rate is 100% for your info

    You have to choose another Ministry if you are not suitable of not in a position to help Gilgit -Baltistan.

    Why cant you provide us with more Machinerys to work on this landslide,Speak up and say Govt of Pakistan cant do anything to help us. We can ask for help from our Brother neigbhour Great China for this help.

    God bless. Gojal

    God Bless Gilgit-Baltistan.

  13. Dear Zulfi,
    This is not a behaviour of the representative of the public or person who is selected through democratic way…. this behaviour is of a nonsense feudal or a person who depends on different agencies for been minister or governor. And unfortunately Pakistan is in a worst condition because of these kind of leaders….. they get illegal benefit from such projects and talk what other agencies want them to talk…. a political leader can’t behaviour like this specially in front of media and public specially those who are worstly affected and know is going on…. we condom this… and demand for immediate removal from Qiria from governorship…

    Zulfi, we appreciate your efforts, keep it up… well done

  14. Kaira is mostly right. There is a need to look at this objectively and look at the facts, not emotions.

    The fact is that the amount of attention given to Gilgit-Baltistan is 100 times more then most other regions of Pakistan. It’s not perfect as the entire country is imperfect, but if you think this natural disaster will suddenly get better with another governor or leader, please think again.

    Just listen to what the Chinese engineers had said, which was very similar to what Kaira said.

    1. dear malang….u r almost rite…bt imagine if sth like dis had hapnd with u…..( God forbids) ….losing all ur family membrs….and living …in tent….where thr is nat sufficient food… eat….no cloths to wear…nd much more like dis….and UR LEADER cmes to u…and instead of condoling u…he uses such a way of adreesing u…then wt wd have been gone over ur mind…..plz now think abt dis for a while….kind request……if he cannt do any thing due to any reason..atleast .he must show sme sympathy 2ward the IDPs …by adressing them in a more polite manner….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The outburst from Governor Kaira was shocking.
    Is it not a fact that KKH has been blocked since 4th January 2010?
    Is it not a fact that even after 70 days that landslide dam has not been breached?
    Is it not a fact that in case of dam failure over 25,000 persons could be potentially affected?.
    Governor Kaira, thanks to work and vision of AKDN we can proudly say that in Hunza we have over 90% literacy?. Can you say the same about rest of Pakistan.
    If it was not fro hard work of FOCUS ,poor people would have been in bad shape after this landslide.Thanks FOCUS.

    Let us work together and get over this large natural disaster.

  16. waw what a leader PPP government has given to us, who talks about etiquette and manner but he himself does not know these. it is showing the weakness of this so called democratic government. it is my humble request to the people of Gojal please be united and do not divide yourself into different parties.

  17. Shame, mind your language Governor! Zulfiqar as a local journalist asked you a question, to which you didn’t reply. Please ignore so-called advisors, Army of civillian, who want things quietened up. You couldn’t have been aware that work increased just prior to your visit. I am asking the Governor to show the warning system that he says is in place. Is it really true, or just another political statement to quieten the concerned citizens. Why the delays in providing Gulmit with the promised doctor and operation theatre? Promises are made to try to silence the people, but we are now educated people and don’t need empty lip-service but positive action and honesty.

    How come the villages have been provided with leaking and rust boats which our elders have to endure. Would you like your own parents to be subjected to such treatment if it was in your village?

    How much money has been given by the Federal Government towards this project I ask. Is it lining someone’s pockets once again? Shame on those who take advantage of others demise to make profit!

    Zulfiqar, congratulations on your persistance. We need strong speaking representatives like you to make a difference for us!

  18. @Qar-e-Zaman Kar,

    you are just waiting for the another human induced disaster, first happened on 4th Jan, 2nd is continue and waiting for the 3rd one.
    FWO the most corrupt organization, 15 march deadline ended and 2nd given of 15 April, this is the government and FWO performance.

  19. What kind of Minister even 5th calss boy from Hunza would be more educated than this Pandoo

    They didnt get any one local? that they had to import some one from Gujrat Punjab for GB

  20. Mr. Governor, who is also an important minister of Zardari government, should not have felt such embarrassment in reaction to the question. In the current situation he should have expected even the worst reaction from the people of the area, who are disturbed by the situation and frustrated by the measures taken by the government so far. Just a slight bitter (of course based on truth) question made him loose his temper and instead of clearing his position he started wrapping up the topic showing his anger over the question. The journalist has been successful in the sense that he could put the Governor to defensive position and secondly he exposed the particular disposition of the Governor on such situation, which other wise could not have come in front of the public. As far as Mr. Speaker is concerned, he did what one can do to please his boss.

  21. Shame on Speaker and the Governor,

    Speaker should think of his position during last elections in Central part of Hunza and Gojal. This is Gojal which ever stood with this man, who is now flying…. really shame on you Mr. Baig.

    Kaira is the man who has been occupying 50 cars from various ministeries including of GB Ministry. He is on rise now and making money.

  22. Shame on you Mr.Kaira, if our brother Zulfiqar Ali Khan is not an engineer, then let me remind you neither you are. However, Mr.Zulfiqar is a thorogh professional journalist, you are not even a professional politician. Your intolerant attitude presents how have you been brought up. Why on earth you were trying to teach ethics to a well informed,educated and a dedicated journalist.
    We people of Hunza call you to SHUT-UP.

    Welldone Zulfiqar we are proud of you to show the world by example that how patient, tolerant and courageous we people are!!!!!

  23. Good bye Mr. Kaira, you have lost the tiniest of respect you may have in the hearts of the people of GB and so does your Party.

    The Speaker just did his duty by not speaking anything on this.

    The guys behind the so called governor can be heard pushing the governor to come harder on Mr. Zulfiqar. I would urge my fellow readers of PT to listen again to the voices coming from the accompanies of the governor.

    It seams that they were quite prepared for this and everyone with Mr. Kaira were in the same mood.

    I have yet to see a single word from our political leadership in condemnation of the rude attitude by Mr. Kaira and his fellow, most of them the corrupt officials of FWO and government officials.

    You have exposed your real face to the people of GB and the world have seen you in your true colours.

    Come on people of GB lets find our fortune in our own people and strengths as these outsiders are there for their own business and they do not have any respect for the people of GB.

  24. Being a human being I must say that the attitude of the Governor was not up to the mark. He could have handled the situation in a more humble and humane way. The issue at hand was not an engineering one but that of common sense and a common observation. The contractor is not utilizing maximum resources to do the work at hand or was not doing so prior to the visit of the Governor.

    Being a civil engineer I must say that with proper and efficient use of machinery more work/excavation was possible. But with a bit of common sense we all and the Governor can understand why this wasn’t done. More excavation would require more fuel, more machinery to utilize meaning LESS savings for the contractor. After all FWO is a contractor and its main aim is to save money, make a profit. The less they excavate the more they save money. Simple.

    Mr. Kaira shouldn’t talk like a lay man, stating that you are not an engineer so you don’t know is pedestrian. If he hasn’t got a common sense, others have,the people of GB certainly have Zulfiqar definitely uses his common sense.

    Zulfiqar in future please be specific and to the point with your inquiries.


  25. Instead of governer he should be in the corner somewhere in punjab or other area but not in GB. A person who do not know the reality – do not know how to talk to the media, do not have the sence. Mr Kaira you should awake from deep sleep that the whole gojal is in pain…
    Well done Zulfiqar. you have tried to show the real face of the administration.

  26. its height of ignorance and negligence its not what we owe from them! these are the politicians those we support with big slogans on election days, those we vote after the fake and flake promises! we must realize this for next episode we must keep it in our minds and ask oneself who we vote and why??? ,if these politicians treat us this way during, hard time of natural catastrophe what we except in normal days??
    please the voters learn!

  27. isint ds a fact that politicians never like-TRHUTH reveal the way Zulfii did? The made sent Governer,lost manners,for the truth tasted severly BITTER.Draging the job of governing GB was nevertheless a part time job for him bestowed by HAZRAT ZORDARI.Congratulations ZULFI for thy courageous work.we hope you ll go on to be the veer voice of the afflicted region…..THUMBS UP

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