Mazar of a martyr threatened by surging lake water in Gojal

The tombstone of Havaldar Aslam can be seen in front of the green monster near Ayeenabad - Shishkat. Photo for Pamir Times by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. After the huge disaster of Attabad village, if the Govt had taken the serious step for the cleaning of that area with the help of Chiness Govt so I shore that the whole gojal and the rest parts of Pakistan will also saved but unfortunately Govt failed and now the situation is that, ‘Shaheed Havaldar Aslam’ who sacrifice his life in wanna for his country today his own grave is not save, and who knows about his parent,his widow wife his childeren are they safe and about their Home Sweet Home is it saved ?. Now the situation is that the local people of Hunza are helping the effected person by their own resources, Its my appeal to the Govt of Pakistan don’t use the words which hurt the people that please help more and more for the effected people who have now no more any proper income for such as for their food, fees & shelter and Govt should also provides Jobs atleast for a single person of a single house.

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