Another bridge on KKH has collapsed

Bank of a bridge near Jaglote - Gilgit has collapsed. Photo taken on March 27, by Rehman Posh

Reason of the collapse remains unexplained. However, as seen in the photograph a support wall was under construction apparently to stop edge of the bridge from falling down.

There are unconfirmed reports that excavation work was being carried out near the edge that collapsed.

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  1. Can someone please explain the cause of failure.

    From the photos it looks like land movement?But this could be mis-leading

  2. The bridge was collapsed due to construction of a new bridge pillars at the same place. it has been took place due to human error. i think there is no any land movement etc.

    faraz passu

  3. The similar incident was happened in China last year, when a new tower collapsed based on excavation for adjacent building deep foundation and deposited the excavated soil on other side of newly constructed tower, which resulted in development of anti-clock wise coupling and failure occurred in shear in piles.
    The similar case has happened here,,,,they made excavation nearby the existing foundation , which un-balanced the stress distribution the foundation and forced the lateral thrust to develop coupling causing the collapse of the existing foundation

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