General (r) Farooq has retired from NDMA

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Hunza, April 3: According to information received by Pamir Times the chairman of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Lt. General (r) Farooq Ahmed Khan has retired from his position due to completion of tenure. Recently the general paid his last visit to remote parts of the disaster hit Gojal valley.

He was made chairman of NDMA after serving as the Federal Relief Commissioner immediately after the October 8 earthquake last year. He also chaired the prime minister’s inspection committee. As head of the NDMA he was tasked to raise the organization to a level where it has built the capacity and expertise to serve during the times of disaster.

A new chairman will be appointed for the national disaster management authority.

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  1. We now hope that there will be more cooperation between civil society and NDMA

    We will see more colloboration between International donor agencies to make Pakistan communities disaster resilient

    We now hope facts will be shared rather than un-substantiated statements (like overflow of dam will take place on 17th April).

    We peoples of Gojal assure full cooperation to new Chairman of NDMA.

  2. Cheers he is no more the head of NDMA. He was good for nothing anyway. Hope NDMA would get a competent head this time round.

  3. this a tragedy in Pakistan in such organization leading by retired armies, generals, brigadier major etc, how much they are professional in disaster management or what qualification they have. order is order, no suggestions, not expert views are heard.
    so than people will suffered till they are leading such institutions.

  4. NDMA, ERRA, NHA, CAA, PIA, WAPDA, Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Railway and the majority of public sector organization are heavens for their post-retirement career.

    The ordinary citizen are disqualified on the name of merit, while these guys need no merit at all. The result is in the shape of the most inefficient, corrupt, and burden on the taxpayers of this country.

    May God save the people of Pakistan against odds.

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