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nag’hdi chir insiz (Kalam – e – Bulbul)


biGsmiLe Productions’ presentation.

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  1. Great work..
    there is no comment on the poetry ….i ve got no words to dive in the depth of the poetry …..its fantastic .

    the voice is great.the vedio should have some relation with the words ..otherwise its great ..

    Salom savor .

  2. Noor, excellent attempt but a few correction if i remember this fantastic and extra-ordinary wakhi ghazal correctly….

    1. Ti sakorey saiyed hatk nes het yem hu(not yem zu) qubgha cheezer

    2. Khooney oobodigisht jirjim shoori rem suula (if i spell it correctly-ruins in english i think) cheezer (not kucha)

    Coorect me if i am wrong

    It would be nice if another version of this be made with his own voice….(ba zubaney shayeer)


    Kabul, Afghanistan

  3. It’s really a great creativity but remember there is always a room for improvement. It would be a great contribution if we record such poetries of Nazir Ahmed Bulbul. I have heard his songs but I never heard his poetry ahead of. I am realy impressed by his collection of words.
    Hameedtajiki (GLT)

  4. Great effort Noor, just one quick observation… the background picture collage is less supportive to the depth of thoughts from Nazir and the beauty of style from you….

    great job keep it up….

    Aejaz Karim

  5. A very innovative effort to narrate the words of the greatest of the modern times Wakhi poetry.

    I would like to suggest the organizers of Nerew come up with quality products and also would request youngsters like my xiryan NOOR to cooperate with Nerew.

    As Nazir himself there, I hope the creative work of Nazir continues and more and more people come forward lead by Nazir and others there.

    There is always a room for iimprovement, so keep it up and I am sure it can instigate more innovative ideas towards better items like this in future

    Congrats xiryan for your great effort.

    Sher Karim

  6. Great job Noor.

    It is indeed a very creative thinking to preserve such a valued poetry of Bulbul and off course more attractive in this form. Although everything, I mean your voice, they way you deliver it. Is absolutely wonderful. But there is always room for improvement that we can compose it even better. It’s a kind of first experience so that you can further work on that, after listening that I have got some suggestion like other music and art lovers.

    The background music doesn’t match to the situation created by the poetry. It would be more attractive to play kind of very soft music. Better if it was sitore. Playing a very old slow tune of any wakhi song especially the songs of the legend wakhi singer Peer Ali, (if u have ever listened to his songs) or any other famous slow tune which is according to the situation.

    Hope you will carry on your great effort



  7. A personality who is equiped with all the urensils that ensure his balanced nature and approach.
    His innovative mind and creative approach has inspired many thoughts and mesmerized many souls.
    An outstanding personality with great skills.
    Geo Bulbul
    Aslam Ghalib

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