Two MQM groups involving GB youth clash in Karachi

Muttahida Qaumi Movement
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Karachi, December 17: Two groups within the Mutahida Qaumi Movement, comprising of youth from Gilgit – Baltistan,  fiercely fought each other in the streets of Aysha Manzil, Karachi.

The feuding groups used stones, sticks, iron bars, chairs and chains of motorcycle in the worst infighting involving MQM groups. Dozens of the fighters, mostly students studying at different colleges and universities, were left with bleeding heads, fractures limbs in the street fighting.

“I have never seen such a fierce fight for years”, said a resident of the locality who watched the feuding groups from his flat’s window.

“The whole area looked like a battle field and all you could see were stones, sticks and iron bars”, the horrified resident further said.

According to neutral students the infighting between these two MQM youth groups, comprising of students from different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan, has become a routine in the area. Some GB students also complained that they are facing serious problems in renting flats in the area because of the notoriety brought by the feuding groups.

The students demanded of the MQM leaders, specially Salahuddin Gilgiti and Raja Azam Shigri, to discipline their activists and not create troubles for the peace loving majority of Karachi based people of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. It is simply disgusting. In past our students have been fuel for use in the name of PSF, Jamiat, Imamia and others and now they have found this platform to bring themselves to defame and notoriety. I think those who are involved in this fight have closed their eyes to the ground realities. Their involvement in these type of activities benefits none but adds to the already exiting problems of the students from GB. Why don’t they realize that we are already being treated as second rate citizens in Karachi (I don’t mean by a group, section, party or particular sect but this is overall phenomena) and I am sure everyone in some way or other has seen the particular treatment we meet at different places including finding house for rent. And then the way of life, which we live over there, also gives reasons to believe to believe and treat us as second rate citizens.
    So, why this fight for? Only to increase already existing hardships? Only to prove that (as students) we don’t know any way other than fighting? Only to showcase that we are not concerned about our image and position in local population? Only to show that we have still time to fight after our daily activities such as cooking, washing, cleaning, jobs and a little bit of studying? Only to confirm that we can be manipulated and we are ready to be fuel for the interests of other people?
    For God’s sake, have pity on yourself and don’t go towards decline even before progress. We are the ambassadors of GB (still seeking identity) wherever we are, so we should not tarnish our face.

  2. This is realy bed news for me. Unfortunately my father is a cancer patient and from last 10 mounths i am here in Islam abad for treat ment of my father. I will contact the responsibles of GB Commetti at 90 markaz and will take persanolley fallow up about this metter. thanks

  3. It is not a single case of this nature. whether it there is religious ceremony of any kind or any sect or a political acitivity our youth(from GB) just jump in to show how brave they are and to become hero. it is not only MQM where young guys fight each other. Unfortunately people use us in all parties and they use as so badly that we do not even understand whats going. I have seen dozens of cases where GB boys had been used by PSF for their internal fights. I still remember a fight on the occassion of ZA Bhutto’s birthday ceremony in Karachi, in the presence of Begum Nusrat Bhutto where two groups of PSF were fighting and in both groups boys from GB were in the frontline!! It is bitter truth let us see what happens in future!!!

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