An appeal to the people of Gojal – Hunza

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  1. Good initiative PT.

    It is the need of the hour to understand the sensitivity of the real issues instead politicizing the issues. Some people are playing thier own games using the name of calamity hit people.

    As educated and peaceful people we should not go against the state (as PT has reported) or we should not give a bad sense to the governement agencies that we are challenging the writ of the government. It is true that we are in difficulty but by the grace of God we are many times better than the people living in the other part of the country.

    God bless all of us.

    SAP, Islamabad

  2. We also condem the slogan but its also important that with this limited resource area people have never even find a pack of salt from the government this was the voice of the people the poor people who even not belong to any political party protested in gulmit. The govt officials are responsible for the facilitation because we are under a state.

  3. Great initiative by PT. 100% agreed on what PT suggest to deal with situation at the moment, everybody should realize the sensitivity of the situation and act accordingly not to create another issue instead of getting solution what we have right now.

  4. It is good to raise your voice in a civilized manner,if the whole society is civilized and your leaders understand it.But if your leaders are DEAF AND DUMB,you have to beat drums and dance to convey your message not by whispering.And if for three months our government cannot arrange a Doctor for 25000 people could you expect them to be silent.
    Didn’t we notice civilized citizens like that of France, Thialand and Americans protest, when their rights are pressed.
    Even we all know how much are our top politions being presented through the internet and SMS but they dont mind it,because you cannot stop your own people.

    Sher Khan

  5. It was really sad moment for me when i heared about the threats of civil disobedience and marching towards China if the demands were not met. This is not the time to play poliitics and give strategic damage to the community interest. If it is not politics then why Mr Rehan Shah is leading the protests. Every one of us knows about his role and contribution for our youth and society when he was the servant of the king. How it is possible he had such drastic changes after getting out of the thrown.

    We know many of the leading people are pushing our youth towards the violance in order to serve the interests of 2 people who have big loans from National Bank. These people are getting money from their Aqas in Islamabad and using us and our sufferings.

    I request the educated people of Hunza-Gojal to take care of such elements while using their democratic rights of raising their voices.


  6. Protesting for our legitimate rights e.g. health facilities, compensation for those who have lost their lives and property through the desaster, food insecurity, shelter for the displaced and range of basic needs expected from the government is justtifiable but the slogans beyond the immediate issues can be considered in a negative way.

    We are under the state of Pakistan and we should demand according to the provisions set by the state. We know that bureaucracy is corrupt, we also know that politicians are corrupt but this is not at all the fault of the state??? We need to highlight the weaknesses shown by the different govt organizations rather than cursing upon the state itself. This state was not created to discriminate people but these are the people ( I mean govt officials…) who try to benefit their posts for their own interests. We have to fight against the attitude of the powerfull elite rather than the republic. These are the corrupt officials who make money out of the miseries of the poor. Alas! we continue to choose people who have no vision for the betterment of the society and who are easily hijacked by the bureaucracy because of their incompetence. We need to choose politicians who have guts to monitor and respond properly to the bureaucrats for a real change across the country.

    Anti-state slogans will cater adversly and will make the bureaucracy further strong so as to allow them handle with the iron-hands to justify their disguised way of patriotism (which they have not). This is how they prepare and forward their FALSE PATRIOTIC reports to the centre and have their powers to curb the legitimate demands of the people in order to govern them as their subjects??

    Our fight is extra-intellectual in this regard and we should never allow them to play with us as thay have been doing for the last 62 years.

    Long live Pakistan and GB.

  7. As the rest of the country, we are also part of this society where truth, honesty, decency, hard work, merit, ethics, tolerance and many words like these are vanishing out of our lives day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. These values are being replaced by the culture of lies, dishonesty, inefficiency, intolerance, nepotism, drugs, disrespect and many new things which have never been heard off in our society.

    Specially the politics is in such a dismay situation that the most corrupt characters can only survive there and an honest, educated, enlightened and progressive man/women can not think of getting there.

    Out institutions are full of inefficient, Sifarishies and the most ignorant people, how are we expecting anything good out of them.

    But we claim to be an educated society, can we try to behave like a true educated society.

    PT has been trying to convey the voice of the people in a decent way but some adventurists working on some hidden agenda of perhaps those who were rejected by the people after testing them for a long time.

    May God bless our people and our homeland.

  8. Shame on you educated Gojalis.
    How the People of Chilas Protested in one day and got compensation of Rs.50 lac each,Discussed in National Assembly and Resolved in one Week.
    You remain Quite,the Government Knows you will do nothing to them,U will die like this no one will see u

  9. People have right to raise their voice. It seems PT is advocating for the government and biased towards the current government. Realities should not be molded. PT should reflect GB rather than personalities & political groups.

    The red coloured appeal seems a warning sign……. that could discourage diverse opinion holders to appreciate your work.

  10. I feel that all of you who have a stake and belong to this area should mobilize at all levels. There are so many of you from different walks of life and with different skill sets that you could have 5 or 6 different groups dealing with issues on a war footing.

    Make the following groups:

    Government/NGO Liaison (Working with the government and NGO’s to solve the problems of the area and keep upto date on all the planning and activities being discussed and undertaken. Also to liaise between all the local groups and the Government.
    Lake transport and relief (Catering to traffic, services, better boats, goods and safety)
    Media and Data collection (To gather data from the area and send it to the media as well as the government/NGO’s liaison group so that all information is streamlined and prioritized)
    Economic Impact Group (Which gathers all the necessary info from traders, shop keepers, transporters and the business community and decides how the next few (or many) months will be dealt with).
    Health and Welfare (Dealing with all the medical issues of the cut off areas as well as looking after all those in need – orphans and the elderly especially)

    A lot of this already exists in some way or another – mobilize and focus .. NOW!

    By doing the above you will have a voice – an impact and a focus for yourselves and your people OR you can continue to beat drums and dance and the world will not pay a second thought to your Shangri la or the beautiful people of this amazing place.

  11. Dear Meherban Alvi

    If cautioning people of Gojal valley against raising anti – state slogans or avoiding emotional demands for marching towards Khunjrav border and acceding to China is tantamount to being biased towards the government then you may be right.

    If you expect Pamir Times to support or encourage people to expel government officials from Gojal valley, then you have not yet understood our role in the society.

    In my opinion you and Holanas are completely wrong in your presumptions and certainly biased towards Pamir Times.


  12. It is good to take your issues to the particuler institutions in civilized way. But unfortunately it is the norm of our society till you naver become extortionist no one hears your voice and no one give attention to your problames instead they follow the method of divide and rule.

    GB and its people are an example of this discriminatory policy of the government for the last 63 years we are been waiting for our rights peacefully.

    Ali Masud


  13. @ Nur,

    Many people appreciate PT’s role, but you should accept criticism/suggestion from your readers as well. If some one says U R Biased!!! SO WHAT? It is their judgment/ observation. Please don’t write words like X & Y YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG. This is not a professional feed back and not good impression on your readers. It is rather a self defensive remark.

    I know people of Gojal, they are peaceful and polite. At this time of disaster they are unable to mobilize people from other part of Hunza &GB to protest strongly for the safety of their lands because of lack of leadership from their area.

    The people who protested in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gilgit are witness. They would have never raised anti government/state slogan. You are blaming them. Being a neutral source of information please respect people’s opinion and suffering rather than favoring incapable elected representatives.

  14. We would like to clear some miss understanding here may be Pamir times has miss understood the points of Mr. Mehrban Karim.

    In his point of view PT should raise the failure of the current government and let the people to raise voice against this failure government and not to support the representative who are failed to save our home land… it is our right to demonstrate and you should not consider the demonstrations as anti state it is anti failure representative of GB and ignorance of the federal government and we will continue demonstration against the current government who are trying make fool the people Gojal.
    If you think that raising voice against the representative of GB is anti state it means you are favoring the current government…and yes we discourage those who want to march towards China, we are Pakistani and Proud Pakistani. If the government is considering our voice for our rights as anti state it is wrong and they are trying to press and ignore the people of GB,

    1. Dear, I think announcing civil disobedience and threats to acced China is not Anti Government i think, it is somethink else.

  15. Try Cliff is right and the people of Hunza gojal taking voice against the failure of the current govt and pamir times always supports it. pamir times should be neutral. there is not any body against the stste ( country) but people are aginst the current govt.


  16. For the moment I thought PT is right but then i realised this opinion is so wrong. If you see situations in EUnion Countries here its completely different, whats miserable is that we people of Hunza are in Pakistan State and we have taken this peaceful behaviour to far away extent, we are just too much peaceful and this behaviour will cost us huge in future. How can you expect something extra ordinary from a failed state, we have to admit that we live in Pakistan so stop crying and blaming Govt. Cuz the whole society is covered in thick fog of corruption and injustice. I am not a nationalists or something but when you are in other countries you get to know that Human Rights have some meaning. We need to realise that we are very different from rest of Pakistan, we as a youth should be aware of every situation, especially we need to be awaken politically.

  17. in term of all relief efforts people are somehow satisfied but in release of water government totally failed and that was because of dictators in NDMA where no expert views was heard and implemented, what was the output of the international experts/researchers if their recommendations are not implemented, the spillway cutting project handed over to FWO was a very wrong decision where the Chinese company already working on KKH expansion with their advance equipped technology. if our homeland and livelihood is sinking day by day and we do not rise voices for our right then this is not a democratic government.

  18. I have a question to all our educated and professionals. We are blaming government and other institutions for their inactiveness. How many of our local professionals especilaly visited and held camps in Gojal?. How many other professional steped forward to decrease the miseries of their own community?

  19. Mobilizing people, highlighting the natural disaster issue and dessiminating progress of work are essential parts of the rights of the concernd people. But as a citizen we do have our obligations and responsibilites and we must demonstrate it by our actions. And these actions should compliment all the efforts to accelerate the progresss on the solution of the problem. We must avoide violance and other types of nagative practices that are out of the universially accepted code of conduct.

  20. it is big disaster for hunza gojal valley.
    according to my openion it was coming from god.their is no any relief

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