Sun. May 16th, 2021

Hunza spillway shape changing, upstream water receding in inches

PT Report

Giglit, July 15: The spillway of a lake formed on Hunza River has gradually changed during the past week, increasing its width and downstream slope.

The water discharge has also increased to almost 18,000 Cusecs, according to reliable sources monitoring the lake. Increased water discharge has resulted in recession of water in the upstream valley. Yesterday the water level decreased by around 6 inches while today the recession rate was 2 inches as measured in the afternoon during a period of four hours, between 2 -4 O’clock.

Mouth of the spillway has also widened relatively according to experts. However, the desired water discharge has not been attained yet.

According to local press chief minister of GB and the NDMA have principally agreed to use mechanical measures to expand the spillway. A Chinese firm has also been reportedly contacted during the President’s recent visit of China for realignment of the damaged parts of KKH as well expansion of the spillway.

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  1. I think that if the Govt had taken this issue really seriously, the tension in that area would have considerably lessened.

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