ہے تیرا آب لہو ملک کی بقا کے لیے

ہے تیرا آب لہو ملک کی بقا کے لیے

تو قلب و جاں ہے اسی دشت بے وفا کے لیے


تمہاری رہ میں چٹا ن امتحان ہم سب کا

ہے فکر ادنی و اعلی ، تہہ و بالا کے لیے


ہر ایک بوند میں سونا پہن کے بہتا تھا

ہے اضطراب میں اب بحر، بادشآہ کے لیے


تمہارے خاک میں سویے ہوے ہیں شہدآ بھی

کرے گا ملک کیا، اس اونچے خوابگاہ کے لیے


تیرے ہنر کے گواہ ہیں یہ وادیاں یہ چمن

تو خود دوا ہے میرے درد بے دوا کے لیے


تو محترم ہے میرے خاک میری ماں کی طرح

میری بہشت ہے تو، سیف اب ثنا کے لیے


سیف الدین سیف

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  1. very good poetry by saif hope you will write some more very meaningfull poetry you have writen god bless you…

  2. It is yet another masterpiece of Poetry from Saif Sir,It is very well written in these circumstances. we expect from our deep thinkers and Motivational Poets to compose some special songs in Wakhi which could make us realize the situation and give the hope for future

    Sher Khan

  3. wonderful saif. This piece of poetry speaks volumes about the situation of ;hope and despair’ which has engulfed the whole region.

    I guess there are some typos in the Urdu for example in the second line of first stanza it should read “tu qalb-o- jan hey” instead of Jahan, if I am not wrong.

    Keep up the great work.

    Sultan Ahmed

  4. nice poetry to great hero who secrefie his life for batter future of gilgit baltistan .so i request all of them to save it ur country for gift of bay name hero

  5. A wonderful and very meaningful tribute to the martyrs.

    These greats have laid their ultimate for the security of this country. it shows our clear and time tested commitment to Pakistan, but it is a bitter reality that we are still voiceless and unrepresented after six decades of independence.

    I expect more from Saif but not the way the US demands more from Pakistan, it is rather the PEPSI way,”Ye dil mangey more”.

    May God bless you.

  6. grea8 poetry saif bahi….keep it up
    May Goddddddddddd Blessssssssssss youuuuuuuuu

  7. very nice and wonderful poetry saif bhai, you and your poetry is the voice of youth and the people of gojal,best of luck saif or best of gojal

  8. Really it touches the heart and express the emotions of LOVE for the mother land, we will have to recognise the secrefice of our Martrys, and all of us need to put our collective contribution to rebuild the motherland which has i would say in little trouble.
    apprecitated for qualative poetry of Saif.
    Keep up ur hard work!

    R Karim Nizari

  9. we know the true and indepth feelings of Saif,he is proving he is a creative poet .I appreciate his contribution and say mubarak.

  10. buhat achhi shairi ki hai i highly apperaciated him and prays him to live long God bless him and be happy.(Ameen)

  11. Great Effort by you Respected Saif Bahi, Read your poetry after a long time. Keep it Up, God Bless You,

  12. a wonderful & impressive poetry saif bhai ……..continue this great work…….keep it up.

  13. Any hard-hearted ‘badshah’ can realize the depth and the intensity of the suffering that the ‘bahr’ has caused and is so ruthlessly and continuously causing to the people of Gojal in particular and GB in general. Your lines so truly depict the current scenario. I only wish that the impending disasters are somehow mitigated!

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