Length of Hunza River Lake extends by 1 km towards Gulmit

PT Report

Gulmit, April 24: An increase of more than 1 kilometer was observed in length of the lake formed on Hunza River. A huge area of the river bed near Chamangul ward of Gulmit has come under water near the under construction “Friendship Bridge”. A pedestrian bridge constructed after destruction of the Shishkat – Gulmit Bridge on the KKH has also been removed because of increased inflow of water in Hunza River.

The water inflow in Hunza River has suddenly increased by over 1,000 Cusecs during the past two days due to a GLOF at Yazyupk and increased melting of snow at glaciers in Passu and Shimshal. The water inflow has reportedly increased from 1300 Cusecs to slightly over 2500 Cusecs, taking the average water rise level in the lake to around 3 ft per twenty four hours.

Pressure on the lake barrier is increasing and the number days for a spillover is likely to go down because of increase in the water inflow level.

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  1. YE TU HONA HE THA……..

    The more delay in removing the debris at the blockage of Hunza river …………..the more increase in water level………. and more damages……..

    GB Government is responsible for every inches of increasing water level and loses of properties.

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