[Pictory] A day around the lake barrier

مبارک ھو دولہا دلہن کو یہ شادی

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan Captions: Nur

Note: In the times of distress and chaos, reporting destruction, depression and pain over a period of almost four months, we are now searching for moments that might bring a smile to the readers of Pamir Times.

The captions added to photographs of the first marriage across the lake barrier are light hearted and meant to highlight the moments of happiness. A marriage in these times is a sign that our resilient society has the courage to stay above grief and make life look normal. We are thankful to families of the newly wed pair for making us realize that all is not lost, yet. Nur

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  1. may allah shower his choiest blessings to new couple and give the idps the stamina to overcome the grief of losing thier whole life assets that is their homes and the barren land which they have turned into eden.

  2. Mubarak to both the families, may Allah shower his blessings to this couple.

  3. Mubarak to the couple and their families!!

    Equally the pictures show the hardship and disaster in Gojal .
    With such amount of debris it will take another four month for the release of water.
    The water will submerge another four villages up to Passu.
    The position of excavators at work shows that the FWO is going to build a cricket ground.
    They need to dig a narrow stream to reach the water point to make a way out..
    I don’t know who is monitoring the pace of work….
    The local communities should have been involved..
    No protest……… No interest…………………………. Just enjoyment
    Wakeup youth …………………….it’s a shame for youth, it’s a shame for politicians, you have done nothing
    You don’t have courage to speak for your rights……….
    You couldn’t even pressurize the govt to increase the numbers of excavator and speed of work………..

  4. congratulations to the newly married couples, may their relation be above all blessed with happiness in these harsh moments of our time.

  5. well congrates to the couple.
    I must say that the couple were aware of the hardness that they would face through this kind of wedding but they had courage to show their guts.
    we all know the circumstances in which that area is in so its better to take a developing step to prevent any further damages.

  6. in response to the comments of DUA i want to say that is tharah ki bathien
    her koi kar sakta ha her koi upni capacity ma koshish kr raha ha is lia ap se guarish ha ki
    ap is tarah ki comment karney se pehley dus bar sochien
    jitna dukh gham ghusa ap ko ha utna sarey gojal ki dusrey bhaion ko b ha ………
    is lia agar ap is firmula pa amal karen ki action speaks more than word tow behtar ho ga .

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