First house dismantled in Gulmit

Images taken by Aslam Shah for Pamir Times on May 05

The first house in Gulmit was dismantled today. The house belonged to Saeed Jan, son of Bulbul Jan. The family along with most of their belongings has been shifted to a safe location but their land and orchards will be caused to submerge in the lake water within a couple of days.

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  1. I am thankful to all the volunteers and village fellows for helping my elder brother Saeed Jan, in our absence, in moving the assets in safer places. I am sure this spirit of the community will help all of us to come out of the disaster. Together we can convert the disaster into opportunities.

  2. Natural disasters are beyond human control, they cannot overcome 100% it, all they can do is, to mitigate the risks by taking neccessry measures.
    I am thankfull to all the volunteers and my villagers, who stood with my family during this hard time and helped us in moving the assets to safer place in my absence. Am sure this gesture will help us alot to overcome this very disaster.
    Once again thanks to the support!

    Asim Saaed
    s/o Saaed Jan

    1. really shocking 2 listen such news.but do trust on God Almighty.its in the hand of God.and we all are praying 4 u and your whole ole r not all on God everything will be al right…

  3. i feel so sad to hear that the catastrophe has started hitting the homes of Gulmit now. We all Gojalis all together in this time of grief. May Allah give us strength to face this time with courage(Amin).

  4. really sad to hear that. may Allah give us all the courage to fight this unfortunate event. i am really feeling like shame that i have not been able to do any thing other than commenting here on PT. but i know how i feel for the suffering people. if someone can let me know of any idea for me to be of any help, i will greatly appreciate it (i am a student by the way).thanks

  5. It is really a moment of deep sorrow for me and my fellow Gulmitiks to know that the lake water has not started to enter the low lying areas of Gulmit. We do not know when it is going to end but we all know that it was the criminal negligence on the part of some of the government that they did nothing to mitigate the hazard which has grown to this magnitude.

    We are living in a very hazardous region and what we experienced from this disaster is that we have to develop our own mechanism to coupe with disasters and help ourselves.

    I am sure FOCUS will also play its due role in future. It can replicate the experience of Gorno Badakhshan, Tajikistan here in the mountains of GB.

    It is also the need of the hour to glue together in helping and supporting each other in these hard times. I assure my brother Saeed Jan that we are all together in facing this challenge.

    May Mowla bless us in these moments of deep stress and disaster, Ameen.

  6. . Good morning to all my brothers and sisters of gojal,
    Take this calamity as an exam from Allah, Though we are far from our beautiful but we can feel the pain and hardships our gojali peoples are facing. May moula give us more and more strength and power to cope up with the hard time!

  7. I don’t have words to express my grief upon this but all we can do is to stand together and look towards a constructive future instead of despondency.

  8. Very unfortunate, i am crying to see these pictures. No words to express. My beautiful village is sinking day by day and we can not do anything. One thing i want to tell that we were unite and will remain unite to overcome this disaster. Inshallah

  9. Yeterday i was telling about the re building process as one of my friend told y re build? y not save? still he thinks we are safe my dear we are not as safe as we think please see the reality on ground y the house has been shuffeled we cannot fight against the natural deasaster…….
    we should speak what we can?
    So the sad point of the moment is there to tellus to be united and be one. If we fight together than it s easy to cope on and share the time of the challenges and all but in case still we are not one can take us to the stone age

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