[Updated] Latest Photographs from Gulmit

Images:  Afzal Khan & Aslam Shah for Pamir Times

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  1. Dear Zulfiqar
    Nice efforts we always appriciate your effoets. PT is the only sources for getting information about Hunza Gojal. could you please publish some photo graphs of Shishket as the water has reached to our houses. So please update us


  2. @Mohd Ali Bhai,
    You seems to be a very devoted volunteer. That Great…….THUNBZ UP

  3. Sincere and timely action to release the water would have saved people from being homeless……….
    May God Protect us all.

    1. @Dua
      This is the right point. Why we didn’t bother to protest when the spillway contract was given to corruption machine FWO despite CRDC survey of the area. They would have make it possibe in 60 days. Now FWO will not do it even 60 years.

      1. Thats the great idia we all together can get help from a suprem leader and he can help us if he accept our dua i asure u.

        fida hussain

    1. then please do something and prove yourself to be a helpfull person

      fida hussain

  4. Dear Zulfiqar & Noor

    we really appreciate your efforts, your contribution, and the commendable job u have done till to date……may God bless you all and give you the power to serve with full devotion.
    May God save our sinking beauty Gojal.

    1. my best wishes and lot of duas for all our brothers and sisters

      Fida Hussain

  5. so sad..can any1 plz tell me the name of the mountain which has slided and has cause the blockage..plz i need 2 know

  6. Thanks Afzal, Aslam Shah and Zulfiqar for the persistent update.

    What is is volume of accumulated water in the lake?????

  7. FOW & NCL incompetent , look at their performance in Karachi bridge, kostal road in Blochistan and can you believe that a recent underpass in Lahore was all the days and times during construction, supervised by a Subedar Sahib (N.C.O) and now their spillway will not be different then their other projects.

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