Hunza Apple loses value in 2010

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  1. Thanks for posting the images and some real information.

    If people do not take offense then may I say they them self allow middle man to take advantage by not doing marketing them self. While this space is not enough or may be we need a separate thread to discuss and find a better solutions for the growers getting low prices but no harm in making a start.

    I do not have exact numbers but every one I have spoken with agree that Karachi has the largest number of people from Hunza living in any one place out side Hunza. Karachi is a market of 180+ million people, all with in a radius of 20Km yet produce from Hunza is absent. Ironically in Agha Khan Hospital shop produce of Hunza is not available [ last time I checked was in September 2010 ].

    There is a Natco service daily and there are so many un-employed youth in Hunza as well as from Hunza in Karachi. Then why they can not get the Apples and other produce from Hunza and deliver it to shop at Agha Khan Hospital , super markets and selected fruit shops ? They do not have to have a Truck load, have small quantity daily and distribute it bypassing the Wholesale Market so that there is less chance of price manipulation.

    What is most important is establishing Hunza Apples [ and other produce ] as a Brand as well as ensuring availability, every one knows Apple can survive few weeks if kept in Refrigerator which most of the potential clients have. Inducing clients to buy larger quantity will help in greater consumption / demand.

    This sort of venture will not take too much capital and high skills, this can be done. With some experience and establishment of a network things can improve in next season.

    I am quite sure there are lots of details which I have not mentioned still in nut shell if there is interest then those could be worked out. I think it is about time we take matter in our hands and what we are asking from USA for Pakistan ” Trade not Aid ” do it for Hunza. Let new generation look beyond office jobs, they should go for Trade also and not be 100% dependent upon others.

    Selling Apples for 15.00 per Kilo average price is criminal when the minimum price end user in Karachi pays is 60.00 to 80.00 per kilo for much inferior Apples.

    Talk to people you know who want to sell, talk to any one who is looking for an employment let us all pool our contacts and information so that it helps those who may wish to take a plunge in this venture.

    Any one selling Apples from Hunza I am your buyer and can introduce at least ten or more house holds.

    An ounce of action is better then a Ton of theory!

  2. A Hunza Growers Co-operative could buy the apples and other produce, transport them and sell them to urban merchants so the farmers would share in the profits. Canada also has province-wide wheat, dairy and egg boards.

    Farmers Co-Operatives are common in North America and Europe. The Aga Khan organisation in Canada could find the necessary expertise.

  3. Thanks for your suggestion this is desirable solution but we lag in two key components:
    1 – Resources – Money to form co-op and consultant to impart training.
    2 – Willing co-op members.

    Instead of waiting for some one to teach, I think if some are persuaded to take ownership learn entrepreneurship on job and succeed. Once people see one among them self making money then I hope more would be interested and later-on be willing to form a co-op.

    At present [ I could be wrong ] locals do not see this as some thing which a local could / should do. Any one will tell you if some one starts a business and makes money then every one wants to do same thing, perhaps seeing a working example is more effective.

    Let us hope we hear from any one interested in doing this [ obviously I can not do this as I am already employed so I hope most of the readers are ] some one who is looking for a job can do this. We will help /assist provided some one with time should be there to take ownership.

  4. One or more farmers could pool their harvest to make a full truckload, hire a truck and deliver to a market. You need a place to store the apples while distributing them to local merchants — or hire the truck for the period needed to sell off the truck.

    If there are relatives with the time and space, they may be able to arrange storage and distribution.

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