[Poetry] امید


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  1. nice poetry……….inshallah we will get happiness agian……..God is with us

    1. Very nice…… INSHALLAH all our beloveds will have joyfulness season again God will bless us with happiness and cheerfulness Ameen

  2. hoo dear noor… relay its sad time but Inshallah time should be change…………….
    very nice poetry ……. really

  3. Nice Poetry nur, All my well wish and sentiments are with suffering families. My eyes are full of tears, while seeing these devastations. I can only pray to Allah Almighty, the ultimate source of help. Dear at this point we need to prove the the rich tradition of unity among the community, Inshallah we will get happiness agian.

  4. Nur! First thank you,Zulfiqar and your dedicated team for updating us about the situation happening there. I very much appreciate your dedication and harwork towards your services by posting pictures and news updates about the desaster happening there. Inshallah the sun will shine over the people of gojal again and they will equip their with more knowledgeable skills than they were. “Things happen for means”

    Your peotry is really heartouching and thematic. Poetry is the strongest element to impassioned humanity to Amalgamate them to live and work together.

    Once again THANK YOU Nur,Zulfiqar and your brilliant team.Would you please try to give detailed coverage to Shishkat in your next posting.Thanks!
    Shamim Ali

  5. superb nur,.u hit @ heart..INdeed Inshallah v ll rise again…nevertheless.v need to change much,that needs to bee

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