Water flow through spillway at Hunza Lake slowly increasing

PT Report

Gilgit, May 29: Starting in the morning water flow through a spillway carved on the lake formed on Hunza River has increased to around 25 Cusecs, according to information obtained by Pamir Times.

Government officials have termed the next twenty four hours highly crucial for the stability of the lake barrier.

Flash floods resulting from the potential lake burst might lead to inundation of around 34 villages in Gilgit and Hunza – Nagar.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling that for the last few days, PT has not been reporting the updates so frequently and regularly as it did during all this time.

  2. PT Team we need to be on top of reporting the real time situation, other wise our rating will go down…. Zulfi & Nur, you are doing great job, keep it up.

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