“News against me highly discouraging”, AC Usman

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HUNZA, Jan 26: “The news published regarding me on PT is highly discouraging and unbearable because being a son of the soil I am trying my level best to facilitate the local community”, said the young Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Usman while talking to PT on telephone. He was responding to a news item published on PT earlier today. “Till today none of my friends or family members visited me in Gulmit as I am myself living in a single room of Chinese Camp”, he further said.

“I was flying to Gilgit on the same day and on the request of the pilots four people from Gojal volunteered to give space for an elder women patient with three others with whom I don’t had any relationship”, he explained. “As sympathy I paid the four volunteers 100 rupees each from my pocket so that they would not bear the burden of the ticket from Aliabad to Gilgit”, he added.

Meanwhile talking to PT, the representatives of the relief committees in Gojal highly applauded the role of the AC. “He extends all possible support to the committee and facilitates the local community”, they said.   As a generosity he also donated Rs 2,000 to the local Scouts the other day to appreciate and encourage them, they said.

The committee appealed the local community to avoid unnecessary travelling and creating problems for the responsible organisation in the disaster situation.

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  1. As i suggested earlier, the story is now balanced and truth comes out clearly. A reporter must always stick to objectivity , that is , show both sides of the picture!

  2. As in this news DC has said that he has paid 2000 to the local scouts for their encouragement, i would clear you people that the 2000 which was given to the scouts was against the use of the sound system of Gulmit during the visit of Governer to Gulmit. Neither any penny is paid to the scouts and nor they are given any relief for their encouragement…

  3. Mr. Usman is a very responsible and sincere office. He has strong affliation with Hunza. We all should have greater good and greater cause during this diaster and emergency situation. Seating problems in choppers and such day to day issues are going more good than our expectation as compare to Kashmir and other parts of Pakistan.


  4. I really request our young leaders to avoid dessiminating sensational news. We should concentrate on the real issues rather creating new issues.

    Such emotional reports also creates problems for those journalists working in field for the greater cause of informing and influncing people.

    @ Tariq: Please read the report carefuly before submitting your comment. It was not the DC rather a member of the local coordination committee who informed PT about the donation. I am sure the Scout dont need any relief for their encouragement…

  5. I don’t expect that the AC being in the top responsible postion of administation in that isolated part of the country would be unfriendly with people who are under the stress due to the natural disaster.

    We should not create fuss out of nothing. Let’s be friendy with those who are there to help us. In case, if deserving people can not get on the helicopter on priority, the volunteers with coordination of administation and support of of Mr. Mutabiat Shah, MLA may device a people friendly system for transporting people back and forth at the blokcade. Thats is how we can demonstarte, how organized we are!

    We should realize that the government has arranged heli sorties ( most expensive) due to emergency situation and we should not take it for granted. I would expect the local popultion to minimize their travels to and from gojal unless there is a cronic need.


  6. Gojali bahiyo! aap k pass jo bhi “nam nihad govt.” ya non. govt ehlkaar aata he wo aap pe koyi ehsaan nahi kar raha. ye aap ka HAQ he. aap ko shukar guzar ho k un ko sar pe chadane ki zaroorat nahi, balki unse hamesha apne haqooq lene ki demand karte rehne ki zaroorat he.

  7. Dear All,

    Hunza valley was known for its safety, hospitality, peace and beauty. When we compare the beauty, with other parts of Pakistan or across, there are lots of places more beautiful than Hunza but we need to reflect what the contributing factors to the beauty of Hunza were.

    However, it reminds me of His Highness’s speech during an inauguration ceremony of a very attractive building. He said, you can construct nice buildings but if you don’t have skilful people inside the building, you cannot expect quality.

    This is a guideline for all of us. We all know it’s a very difficult time for us as our forefathers’ asset are destroyed or will be destroyed. It hurts us and we really want to protect our places because our lives and our generations’ lives are attached to it. We love our places. Therefore, we pray, share ideas, and contribute directly or indirectly for the betterment. So let us not hurt each other. Let us support, respect and care for each other. Particularly, those who visit those places contribute and show empathy for us during this examination, we must demonstrate the same softness, friendly attitudes and communicate our feelings in a positive and constructive manner with the responsible people so they can work because aggression always leads to conflict that creates hurdles to the peace process. We all must remember that we are guided to support the Government and be part of it for its development as effective citizens.

    Insha Ullah, these days will be over so let us have the strength to remain connected with all the Government, AKDN, INGOs, and NGOs without losing the positive and beautiful image of Hunza valley.


    Safida Begum

  8. The District Administration based in central Hunza and the one present in Gulmit is working like volunteers to help the people. Anyone having any doubts about our performance can directly approach us. We are open to questions and all sorts of suggestions.The scant resources of the new born district were not at all a match for the massive disaster.But we are trying our best to deliver. Anyone who still thinks negatively is an outright pessimist , i think.
    Zameer Abbas, AC Hunza

  9. PT is playing a pioneeering role in thefield of web-journallism and has been dissiminating a very balance content on her web-pages. PT has become the only source of up- dates and reliable opinion dissiminater on the daily issues of Gilgit-Baltitan. In this particular case I believ that the ‘four travlers’ have exploited the situation and damaged the good name of PT and the very responsible State Official and a loyal son of Gilgit-Baltitan–Usman Sahib.

  10. please dont travell wdout any reasons appeal to upper hunza people coz this is not a time to enjoy in the helicops. this is time to unite and perform our duties as much as we kan. all elders and specially scouts and volunteers are requested to do their best not for any regard from any one coz we have a good volunteer system from centuries.

  11. why you people let a responsible person to work in his assign jurisdictions.sometime you should have to ignore the little mistakes (if any) to avoid the big ones. muhammad usman is a resposible person, deligent and prudent person.allegations always run after the person like him.

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