2600 Cusecs of water flowing through spillway

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Gilgit, June 3: According to latest information the water flow through spillway has increased to over 2600 Cusecs, as of mid-day June 3. Around 350 Cusecs of water is also seeping through the lake barrier, according to latest measurements made available to the press. The cumulative water discharge has increased to around 3,000 Cusecs.

Reportedly the water inflow in Hunza River has also increased to around 4500 Cusecs due to increased temperature.

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  1. Thanks PT for your contineuous updates. Anyhow like from the very begining of this stupid disaster the authorities and experts are providing poluted figuers about the debth, length, time period, inflow, out flow, etc. just like a layman’s observations and still looking like the same…

  2. Good news that water out flow has increased, it will give a little bit hope to Gojal for not loosing remaining parts of Shishket, Gulmit, Hussaini and Passu. Just praying for my homeland…………

  3. We all are praying may Allah keep remaining parts of the area safe and let systematic outflow of water so that people on the other side should not affect with sudden breakage of dam. We are following up PT for latest update.

  4. the water flowing through spillway seems very slow, as water level is still increasing….

  5. Very confusing statistics regarding the water discharge from the spillway.

  6. …lake z gng to burst? if v r thinking threrz some sort of explosives nurturing inside,,nd it ll go off like a bomb is not actually true.The pressure at d spillway is very low,nd d debris z mre lke a slope.Heavy machinary working over d spillway had hardend d block nd dre 4,d lake will collect water for 1 to 2 weeks,swalowing mre villages!!

  7. I think its a great pic to clear image of the lake and spillway. Hope you will posted more updated ones too.

    May Allah help and protect everyone there.

  8. Like fake commitments we have seen fake measurements to to fool locals since the very begning. We can only pray the experts andpolititions have failed to releive people’s worries.

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