[GISAK Announcement] Gojal Educational Relief Fund

Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK) held a meeting with directors of education at Gilgit Directorate. The following instructions, based on the meeting, are being shared for information of the students:

1. Duration of fee: As announced by the Government the duration of fee remission is January 2010 to December 2010 for all the students of Gojal valley studying in Government and private educational institutions

2. Submission of Form:         As mentioned in the form the Educational information must be filled and stamped by the concerned educational institution and Assistant Commissioner, will verify the residential area then submit to Sir Wafa Baig Sahib.

3. Payment: Only admission and semester/monthly fee will be paid to the students, no other expenses should be claimed by the student. After verification of the forms then payment will be made through cross cheque on the name of the educational institution. Incase of pre payment by the student then the educational institution will provided cash to their student

4. GISAK form: All those students who had already submitted their fee details to Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK), already reached with Sir Wafa Baig do not need to resubmit the forms. In case of new application the new form should be used

Click to download formApplication Form for affectees by Govt Edu (1)

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  1. Its a good move. But does this apply to the students studing down country as well?

    1. Yes, Sir this form is for all the students of Aatabad, Sarat and Gojal valley studing in any school, college or university in Pakistan. GISAK is already based in Karachi. I was on offical visit to Islamabad then I went to Gilgit at that time we conduct a short meeting with the Mr. Mehboob Ali and Sir Wafa Baig, regarding this important task.

      Chairman (GISAK)

  2. Dear members of GISAK,

    Congratulations for your hard work and struggle. All of you have done a magnificent job; all the concerned students of Gojal must get relief through remissions in their fee for the current year.

    Please keep up your efforts and initiatives.

  3. It is indeed a great achievement by GISAK, and i thank all those who struggled on behalf of the students for this particular purpose. Further more i suggest that an internet cell like an email or stuff should be formed wherer students can directly share their queries .. Thank you

  4. A positive step from GISAK for the students of Gojal. Appreciate their efforts.

  5. we need this kind of work for the student.we congraatulations GISAKfor his nice effort.

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