Link road to Shinaki Hunza could not be restored

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 1: The cut-off road links to Shinaki, Hunza have not been restored despite of a lapse of two and half months, increasing sufferings of the stranded population.

The Shinaki road from Nasirabad side was blocked at many places due to the rain-triggered landslides last month. Also, the Mayoon bridge dismantled due to the fear of Hunza lake outburst has yet to be pieced together. The only access point through Hussainabad bridge is now also blocked due to fresh landslides which is forcing people to cross the Hunza river through rafts near Khanabad or walk all the way from Sikandarabad.

It is here to mention that the construction work on Shinaki RCC bridge has not been resumed yet due to large scale financial irregularities from the contractor.

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