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Editorial: The Golden Jubilee Games


The fabulous farewell given to members of the Pakistani squad for the Golden Jubilee Games, at Darkhana Jamat Khan – Karachi, was entertaining and inspiring. Men and women, young and old, all, stood and cheered the athletes as they introduced themselves and told us about the events that they would participate in, wearing the green jackets, bearing the word Paksitan, in the color of gold. 

Cricket, soccer, volleyball, athletics, badminton and basket ball are some of the sporting events in which the Pakistani athletes would compete. A total of ninety one (91) athletes, both genders, had been selected from across Pakistan. Not surprisingly a very large number of the athletes belong to Gilgit – Baltistan and Chitral. I was glad to see Mr Jalal Shah, from Shishkat Gojal, as the coach of Pakistan’s basket ball team. And to my delight and pride Ms Joshan Ali Panah, from Gulmit Gojal, is a member of the female volley ball team. I could see and hear athletes from Ghizar, Hunza, Gilgit city, Chitral, Sindh, Punjab, Karachi and the frontier regions. 

That a large number of the athlets belong to Gilgit – Baltistan and Chitral regions means that a lot of financial support has been rendered by the Jammat of South, from variuos sources. We all know that our athletes don’t have the financial capacity to travel abroad, even if they are extremely talented. This spirit of generosity and support is a sign of hope and confidence for all of us and perfectly inline with the themes of Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The games have started in Kenya, already and would continue for another week or so. Everyone is a winner in the games so let’s not worry a lot about the ‘winners’. We just hope and wish that the athetes, when they return to their respective communities, take the message of pluralism, progress, fraternity and love and inspire the rest of us who could not be part of this historical event. “Frontierless brotherhood”, may the dream come true!

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  1. Dear Noor,
    First of all accept my heartiest congratulations for the tremendous initiation of Pamir Times and your generous contribution in the capacity of Chief Editor of this worthy News Blog. I am confident to say that you guys are role models by inspiring many souls through your words and actions, well done and keep it up.

    Secondly, I would like to give congratulations to all the participants and their family members of Golden Jublee Games for their brilliant performances and good wishes and pray for their future success.

    Thirdly, I wish to comment on the title “Drugs: How safe is Hunza – Gojal!” – nicely written and well articulated by you, but due to some restrictions and technical problems by the internet provider services it didn’t work. Therefore, I am adding some comments here by relating the great Golden Jublee event of MHI. I hope the young generations will learn lesson from you people by contributing their time and knowledge to motivate those individuals, who are unfortunately involved in drugs and undesirable social evils for any reason to make the region a peaceful and drug free society. Each Ismaili Individuals are equal responsible to curb on drugs in their capacity such as, boy scouts, girls guides, ladies and gents volunteers, responsible persons in Jamati and Imamati institutions, as a Murid of Imam of the time and a responsible citizen. We should remember the Farameen’s of MHI and keep ourselves far from any kinds of drugs and other social evils. I do hope through the efforts of each individual and institutions, we could be able to overcome on the drugs issues exists in Hunza-Gojal and rest of the world through hard work and commitment. Thus, our society will be able to produce healthy athletes and players as a symbol of peaceful and healthy society. It is one of the best ways to pay tribute to MHI in the golden Jublee year of his Imamat.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

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