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Sajid Ali of Passu Gojal at Arrhenius Laboratories, Sockholm University, Sweden

by Taj Hussain

 Sajid Ali Alvi, a final year student at the Department of Metallurgy, in Pakisatn’s leading GIK University, has joined the Arrhenius Laboratories in Sweden, as a guest researcher.

Sajid, during his stay at the Arrhenius laboratories will be working on a project of Diamorph AB and develop advanced products  of ceramics and  glasses having remarkable properties of  extreme high hardness, refractivity  and thermal stability as  well as user designable chemical and magnetic attributes. 

Sajid is son of FID, karachi, Mr. Rehmatullah Baig and belongs to Passu Gojal, in upper Hunza.

Editors’ Note: The entire team of Pamir Times is proud of and congratulates Sajid Ali Alvi and his family for this stupendous achievment and we wish them success and happiness.

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  1. Kharyan, Great achievement, work hard and sky is the limit. we are really proud of you.

  2. A very big achievement,not only for sajid but for the whoe Gojal. congratulations Sajid.

  3. Lucky year for PESHAWARENS !!! Lopuor Qayum, Ejaz karim, Engg.Sajadullah beg, F Amin Beg, fozia zahid, Zulfiqar,Mussarat,Ali Rehmat Mussofer and now Sajid made history while representing Gojal on International leavel. we are proud of you my czn, and if you all remember the year 2000 Hunza darbar, we all were going to Hunza in one coster , with this Neyat that “Ya Mula help us in our educations” and Thankx God today we are getting the result I hope and pray that other students will also try thier best to be on top….
    Congratulation again Sajid..God bless you

    Javed Ali
    Dushabe, Tajikistan

  4. Azizve caret zaq sumba
    Tra khu manzilev tar getak
    vezayne terech dunyo rev
    saesht sitoret tay shu mak

    well done my dear sajib khyrayan, all the best for the challanges ahead you and wish you all the best


  5. Wonderful job dear Sajid,Congratulations to you, your parents and to Alvi family on your Great achievement. Keep it up.


  6. Wow! Great achievement and this is pride for usindeed. Felicitations to you Sajid & your parents and your entire family members.

  7. Congartulations Sajid!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying life in stolkhom as well.
    “Javed’s message was emotional”

  8. Congratulations Sajid !!!
    Koi Qabil Ho to hum Shaan Kaie daitay hain
    Dundhnay waloo ko dunya be naye daitay hay.

    Wish you all the best

    Iqbal Barcha

  9. Dear Sajid Alvi,
    My dear friend it is really a moment og great honour for all of us as on of our batch fellow has got a chance to explore his potentials in the field of Sceince in one of the developed countires.
    Man,When I was in Ismbd with you,you didn’t share anything about the progress of your research work.Anyway my deepest and heartiest wishes for your research work and hope that you would come come with something extraordinary as you proceed your work.The field of research is really interesting and demands more time and more attention.Countires have developed because of extensive research and I hope that the young blood will move towards research as is an emergent need of the time.
    Many many congratulations to my dear friend Sajid Alvi
    Your Friend
    Aslam Ghalib

  10. This is outstandng.

    In Pakistan when we talk of Metallurgy, we are reminded of AQK!

    Lets hope when you start working on ceramics, you will find new horizons and new realities that will constantly push you to find new truths and new lights!

    You are setting new benchmark for others to follow you. Our students need to look for ‘hardcore sciences’ and research.

    You are now aiming at something big. In the footsteps of Dr Abdul salam, Prof Hoodbhoy and others for a pacifist use of pure sciences for human development and reducing the miseries of the less fortunate in this world.

    Good luck and always remember, hardwork, patience and humility are the key values for scientific endeavors.

    Amin Beg

  11. Good Guy…Cheers for U…
    Keep it up…..but remember sky is the limit..
    God bless U

  12. Many many congratulations Sajid. That is a great achivement work hard. God Bless You.

    sajida khan USA

  13. Dear Sajid

    Many Many congratulations for achieving this golden opportunity by your hardwork and commitment to your study and field of interest. Hope that this step will lead you towards your life’s mission.

  14. congratulations!!
    weldone keep it up.hope that you’ll share your knowledge and experiences with our students..

  15. Great to know Sajid. Congratulations for this achievement. I hope your endavorus will go a long way in the development of our region and ofcourse the country. Keep up your good work as you have set new milestone for our generations to follow.


    Sultan Ahmed

  16. Dear Sajad
    You stepped into a great field and I am sure you will keep steeting benchmarks…..facilitation to you, your family and friends


  17. Shobosh

    You have done it not only for your self but , for the Nation , this is real get goning ……..
    congret to your Mom and father , its due to them the most
    keep it up

  18. Congratulations Mr. Sajid for your brilliant success and achievement. Indeed, you have opened a new window for our youth and future generation. Well done and keep it up. Good wishes for your bright future.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

  19. Dear Sajid, we are all proud of you. Excellent, good luck for further achievements in life.

  20. thanks alot everyone.
    and javed you said that right we owe it all to that trip we made 🙂

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