Sajid Ali of Passu Gojal at Arrhenius Laboratories, Sockholm University, Sweden

by Taj Hussain

 Sajid Ali Alvi, a final year student at the Department of Metallurgy, in Pakisatn’s leading GIK University, has joined the Arrhenius Laboratories in Sweden, as a guest researcher.

Sajid, during his stay at the Arrhenius laboratories will be working on a project of Diamorph AB and develop advanced products  of ceramics and  glasses having remarkable properties of  extreme high hardness, refractivity  and thermal stability as  well as user designable chemical and magnetic attributes. 

Sajid is son of FID, karachi, Mr. Rehmatullah Baig and belongs to Passu Gojal, in upper Hunza.

Editors’ Note: The entire team of Pamir Times is proud of and congratulates Sajid Ali Alvi and his family for this stupendous achievment and we wish them success and happiness.

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