[Pictory] Hussaini village increasingly under threat


Images: Deedar Ali for Pamir Times

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  1. Anybody could advise on how to help (donate) from abroad? Europe?
    Does the acc number of the fund have an international code?

    1. yes,i belong to that affected area and we need international aid regarding our rehabilitation,education,fooding.We are totally homeless and the land for the homeless people become less tolive in the camps.the most affected area and most submerged area is shishket gojal and all the media is focusing on Gulmit and Hussiani where as the people are not affected as in shishket.

    1. Thanks.
      I meant a BIC or SWIFT code for the save Gojal fund when individuals in Europe want to contribute… I don’t belong to an international organization, just an individual, would be useful to know these codes.

  2. I also was already asking for bankdata a few weeks ago but nobody answered. We need SWIFT and BIC code to make a money transfer from Europe, or a name of a person of an organisation to send money via Western Union. I think that is cheaper then sending it to a pak bankaccount.Greetings from Austria/VIENNA and all the best for u people there in the affected area after the catastrophy

  3. Yes Evelyn is right, many foreigners love Gojal and I am sure many people would love to contribute internationally. If the Sost branch cannot give a BIC and SWIFT maybe the Gilgit or Islamabad branches of First Microfinance Bank could help or an account for international donations could be created because I doubt any foreigner would be able to make it through to Sost branch… We need a BIC and SWIFT and exact adress of Branch, preferably in Islamabad I think. Yes, all the best to people affected…

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