Pakistan Day celebrated in Aliabad Hunza

Boys scouts participated in a parade organized to celebrate Pakistan Resolution Day, on 23rd March. Deputy Commissioner of Hunza – Nagar district, Zafaqr Waqar Taj, presided the parade. Courtesy GB TIMES

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  1. In Hunza our youth particularly boy scouts have great potential for becoming one of the best scouts’ distric of Pakistan. But at present our scouts organization is lacked of trainers, even in all Hunza we have not even one wood badger!. Since many years the scouts organization runs with the traniers who have got only one week training course called SLTC ( scouts leader tarining course ) for the trainers. HUnza scouts have two linkages in the one side govt. education department through education Secratary controls while on the other side monitor Ismaili council through the presedent and Aga Khan youth and Sports Board (AKYSB) chairman. Both organization have to lot of help to the young organization. Because now a days HUnza youth is in the clautch of drugs. and scouting is the strong safegurd from the menace of the drugs.

    Muhammad Ismail
    Ex Scouts ADsc, Aliabad/ Hyderabad
    Sedna School and Degree College
    Aliabad, HUnza

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