Flash floods kill 12 people in Chitral

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Islamabad, June 25: A flash flood triggered by thunderstorm and heavy rains has destroyed Uchosht village in Chitral District of the KP province, killing up to 12 people and injuring 10. Dead bodies of 8 victims of the flood have been recovered while search is on for recovering the four people missing.

A specialized Search and Rescue team of Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan is leading the relief operation since yesterday night,  working along with Chitral Scouts, Police and local volunteers.

Six dead bodies where recovered last night while two were recovered today. The injured have been shifted to district headquarter hospital in Chitral town.

According to details yesterday night flash floods completely destroyed 9 houses in Uchosht village while also causing destruction in other villages, including Khorkhashandeh, Mustajabandeh, Shiaqotek, Hone, and Jughoore. A mosque, hundreds of Kanals of standing crops and link roads have been affected by the flood and heavy rains.

Chitral Times reports that among the deceased are Rehmat Niaz and his five children as well as Jameel Ahmed, his wife and their two children. Two more people, Nadir and Ghulam Zakirain, are reportedly among the dead.

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  1. Very sad. I spoke to Sardar Ayub – heads AKRSP in Chitral and this unfortunate disaster has happened in proper Chitral. We share our condolences to the family and friends and hope that relevent organizations will work on the rehabilitation component.

  2. Well done FOCUS for being there within 60 mins of flash flood to help the people in Chitral in these remote villages. Thank you FOCUS for being a caring friend of people of Pakistan.
    Seriously, NDMA should draw up a multi year programme to make communities in the mountain areas of Pakistan resilient to natural disasters.

  3. Very very sad news I share my deeply condolences to the entire families and friends.

  4. well i just want to say that after a disaster in Village Uchusht Local Government , Chitral Schouts, Border Police , Red Crescent Society, Focus humanitarian, Al Khidmat and many other played an important role. I have no words of thanks for the authorities of the above…
    Great work by all

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