CM announces100 million rupees worth "package" for LA 19 – Ghizar 1, three days before polling

PT Report

Gilgit, March 27: Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah,  in a clear move to influence by-election results in LA 19, Ghizar 1, has announced a development package worth 100 million (10 Crore) rupees three days before the polling. The CM also said that 4,000 new posts will be created in the month of June.

He made the announcement today while addressing election campaign rallies in different parts of Ishkoman and Punial Valley.

“If the CM of Punjab can make announcements in by-elections, why can’t I”, Shah told a gathering of PPP supporters. He announced upgradation of schools, road projects and also said that in the next year a new seat will be created in the GBLA for Ishkoman Valley.

The opposition parties have termed the announcements tantamount to pre-poll rigging.

“These are just announcements”, Rahim Shah, hailing from Ishkoman, told PT reporter after attending a rally addressed by CM.  “I am sure nothing is going to change in our Halqa”, Shah added.

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  1. Puppet CM should not confront with the real son of the soil, Naji fighting for the rights of our people and Mehdi Shah is serving his Masters sitting in Islamabad.

  2. They are Playing The Same Game, Played By Yousuf Raza Gilani Before The Nov. 2009 Election.. Their Main Purpose is To Support To Win Their Candidate.. Shame on Them…

  3. Mehdi Shah is a great politician, “If CM of Punjab can make announcements, why can’t I?”, that is such a strong and reasonable justification that only a “Bhutto’ist” can come up with.
    Anyway, let’s see how the project goes if his party doesn’t win.

  4. Don’t make the people fool, if you have that much money then first complete your the incomplete projects. It is pitty that this so call “Awami Party” is trying to undermine the will of the people by bribry and fallicious announcements.

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