Govt will fulfil its pledges with people of Gojal: Kaira

GILGIT, July 17 (APP): Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira, while reiterating his commitment said that promises made with the affected people of Hunza Lake would definitely be fulfilled and a high level meeting on Monday would decide the matter.Talking to reporters here, after attending a ceremony organized by PIA, the minister said that President Asif Ali Zardari has held a meeting in this regard and another meeting would be held on Monday under his chairmanship.

He said that the prime minister of Pakistan, chief minister and chief secretary of G-B would also attend the meeting.

Kaira said that a section of press created panic throughout the country by reporting that the lake was bursting. Now things have reversed and media is saying that the water from this lake is not discharging enough, he added.

The minister also sought recommendations from the people regarding the lake. Technical experts are also requisitioned from the United States, he added.

He said that damage assessment has been completed and sent to Islamabad.

He said that the government would fulfil pledges made with the people and payments for the settlement of affected persons would be made soon.

Kaira said that it was believed the water would be released from the lake within a month, but it did not happen so. Efforts are still being made to release water from Hunza lake and the affected people would be settled as soon as water level recedes, he added.

The minister said that government is fully aware of the problems being faced by the people of Gojal area and assured solution of their problems.

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  1. Respectable Minister!

    How we believe on ur kind words-If u remember U said that with in 15 days the spill way ud be complete.That took about six months. Once again u are throughing ur mistakes and unlogical comments on the media is totall baseless and wrong.
    The media played a very constructive and encouraging role as we all are living in this country. Mostly the news are based on facts and factual situations of the sliding affected area.

    —-My humble request to all of the establishment of GB is to think before speak. Because, every body today bears the comparing capacity what has said and how that was addressed.
    Hope, the saying woud not be as it was promised earlier by the HONOURABLE Minister.

  2. The difference is the media has to show what is actually happening and what the people are thinking, irrespective of what the ministers and the bureaucracy want to do. It is a bitter fact that here in Pakistan, there is a huge difference (almost 180 angle) in the public opinion and the Government’s opinion.

    Media of the current ages, with the addition of the internet and citizen journalism, has given a really tough time for the governments all around the world, with no exception of Pakistan.

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