Gojal: IDPs refuse to take compensation, demand cheques for all affectees

Gulmit: IDPs posing for Pamir Times during the sit-in

PT Report

Gulmit, May 04: Internally Displaced People (IDPs) of Gojal Valley have refused to receive compensation cheques until documentation and verification of all the affectees is completed by NADRA and UBL team. Sitting outside a camp office in Gulmit, the Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal, the IDPs said that the authorities are trying to give some cheques and cards, while asking people to rectify errors in documents.

“The Tehsil administration and other officials have made errors in recording CNIC numbers of the IDPs and now the people are being asked to redo their document”, an IDP complained while talking to Pamir Times today. He said that the local people have bad experiences with the delaying tactics used in the past. “We will not take the Cheques and ATM cards until all the documentation issues

NADRA and UBL officials helping the IDPs in documentation and verification

are resolved within five days, as promised by Wazir Baig”, other people said.

A group of IDP household heads staged a peaceful sit-in outside the office to record protest against further bureaucratic delays in disbursement of the funds.

“We have been waiting for more than a year and still these people have failed to straighten their documents”, another IDP said.

The officials of UBL and NADRA have been based in Gulmit to resolve the issues of documentation and start the process of fund distribution, but it seems that the process is going to take a lot of time, because there are several discrepancies in the records, an official told Pamir Times.

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  1. Once again the local administration has showed its incompetency.
    These compensation was the last hope for the affected people and finally our elected leaders have handed them the blank cheques.. Bravo!!
    I wander how incompetent our local administration is; even after a period of one year they have not been able to straighten the required documentation. Our these elected representatives and fatty bureaucrats are only activated when they find their own monetary gains in it.
    A matter of shame!

  2. The process of compensation should complete immediately because all the IDPs have to construct their has taken a long time to compensate them . The people of red zone area should be compensate because they are not allowed to construct their houses nearest to the lake.

  3. Very well done people of Gojal, it is great to see the people stand united and trying to help those who did not get what they deserved. Money is not important, it is the unity and the courage that is much more important. The courage in those effectees who after loosing every piece of land and still are not accepting the compensation for the sake of their brothers is really examplary.
    Keep this thing up, proud of you all.

  4. very sad moment … its being more then one year not only the people of shishkat and gulmit is suffering but whole gojal is cut off. the thing to think about is what solution should be made what oour local community can do? as u are well aware of the situation of the local and national government . i can say thay are just waisting tie they have their own benefits. why they should take care of Gojal because they know we are very calm people and we will never hurt government and its asset i gues the time of be cool and patient is now over we should rethink about how to deal with the government and should know what part our all community have to play either thy are men, women or young people.
    i congratulate and thanks to PT to be in touch and update us about all the situation especially about Gojal lake. well done and God bless you
    Fari USA

  5. Rise the Voice for ONLY Gojalis….?????

    Here again they are just talking about gojal affectes,,,
    first shame to you…. then all administration,,,,

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