Protests in Goharabad and Japukay Punial against NAPWD officials

by Noor Akbar

Punial, July 18: Hundreds of protesters staged a demonstration against officials of the Northern Areas Public Works Department (NAPWD) today here in Punial. The protesters alleged that their villagers had been singled out for load shedding purpose by the department. The protesters marched to the Singal power house and demanded electricity supply for their villages.

A PWD official, Tajdar Hussain, said that one of the two power generation machines has stopped working. He, however, did not explain the reason for selecting only two villages for load shedding purpose. Let’s remind the readers that other villages of Punial Tehsil are getting regular electricity supply.

The protesters turned violent and refused to return to their houses. Under pressure the PWD officials resumed electricity supply for Goharabad and Japukay.

The protesters demanded that a proper schedule of load shedding shall be put in place if there is lack of power. They also demanded speedy action on the faulty power machine.

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