Diary of a climber: The K2 expedition 2010

Images: Ali Musa Shimshali

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  1. Thank you Mussa bhai for sharing the self explanatory photographs of adventure tourism in Pakistan. Shimshalis are to Pakistan and Sherpas are to Nepal. We are proud of our world renowned climbers of Shimshal like Rajab Shah, Mehrban Shah, Qudrat Ali, Shaheen Baig, Hasil Shah, Tafat Shah, Aziz Baig, Saeed Ahmed, Sarwar Ali, Qurban Muhammad, Amin Ullah Baig, Muhammad Bari, Amr Din Shah, Wahab Ali Shah, Muhammad Ullah, Yousaf Khan, Shafa Ali, Fazl Ali, Shambi Khan, Farhad Khan and many more. God bless with with a happy, healthy and long life. Aamin

    You all are the real ambassadors of Pakistan.

  2. Photo number three shows how rubbish builds up at the higher altitude camps. Its a pity they can’t take it with them, though I understand the difficulties at such high altitudes. Good to see they are taking ‘stuff’ away with them in photo 12 (toilets). Great site the PT

  3. It is simply, wonderful. Yes I agree that our Shimshali Brothers are the best in this trade and many have already gained world fame. They are very agile and technically sound probably they are born amongst the mountain, trained since their childhood under the most tough people on the face of the earth.

    I really admire them as the best in this sport. May Mowla bless them with more and more heights, successes and safety. May He alway be with you at every step and each moment. Ameen.

    Thanks for these marvelous images, I hope many adventure lovers will cherish them for as long as they are on the web. I would like to ask for more images as these speak for themselves so loudly that we do not need to spend for marketing our magnificent treasure of nature.

    God bless you.

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