Rahimabad and Nomal affected by floods and rain

by Ghulam ud Din Hunzai

Gilgit, August 18: Like other parts of the GB village Rahimabad village of district Gilgit also suffered damages during the recent rains and floods. Land erosion and destruction of irrigation water channels have created a lot of hurdles for the people of Rahimabad.

Bank collapse in progress at Rahimabad

On August 7th a heavy rain fall caused flash flood in Rahimabad main Nallah which stopped Hunza River for almost 18 minutes. Blockade of the Hunza River at Rahimabad is the first of its kind incident in history of the region.

As a result of the damming of Hunza River at Rahimabad  low laying parts of the village were caused to submerge.

The flood also washed off the main irrigation channel of the village along with drinking water supply  pipelines. The whole village of Rahimabad is suffering due to shortage of water for drinking and irrigation.

Aminabad – Nomal: The recent flood damaged a bridge, a school building, orchards and forest land in Aminabad, Nomal.

Local volunteers carrying out mitigation work in the affected area

A school building  was completely washed away by the flood of Naltar Nallah leaving the students without classrooms to study in.

Due to continuous land erosion some nearby houses are also in danger. The damaged bridge was the only access to Aminabad from main Nomal village.

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  1. Gov’t must take steps to assist the people of Rahimabad before any more further losses

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