GVM dispatches relief items for flood affected people

Workers of the Ghizer Volunteer Movement at the Islamabad Airport with relief goods for flood affected people in Ghizer Distrct. Photo Release

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  1. This is the good initiative from Islamabad based volunteers of Ghizar. Any one can say that any arrangements in Karachi is going to be organize or not.
    Kindly give us the responsible people that we can arrange from here (Karachi ).
    Good job and it to be continue till to normal life

  2. well done, This is what was required , Actions are more important then conferences and media shows , all great climbs strat with a single step,so one should start with what ever he/she has , results are with the Allah.
    keep it up my best wishes,support and prayers are with you.

  3. Dear Ghizer volunteers,

    The Islamabad Jeep Club is also conducting relief operations, and would be interested in collaborating with you to deliver goods to Gilgit-Baltistan. Please try to get in touch with us, which you can do through our website. We have the capacity to dispatch a number of 4X4 Jeeps that can access difficult terrain.

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