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Gilgit-Chitral Road opened for traffic

By Naweed-e-Sahar

Chitral, August 31:    The Gilgit-Chitral road (Ghizar road) has been reopened for all kinds of traffic from Monday, that had been closed for a month due the landslides and floods .

Gilgit-Chitral road (aka Ghizar road)

Talking to media the Executive Engineer NAPWD Wazir Tajwar has reportedly said that the road had earlier been opened for sometime on 26 August for light traffic. But now it has been opened for all kinds of vehicles.

He further said that the Ishkoman road has also been opened up to Imit and the rest will also be opened soon. In pathret valley the repair work on the road is underway. Due to lack of machinery most of the work is carried out by people. He lauded the work done by the workers and also the cooperation showed by the contractors.

The opening of the road resulted large goods delivered to Gahkuch and other important towns of Ghizar. According to reports about 60000 liters of petrol was delivered to Gahkuch along with a large amount of other daily used items.

The public have welcomed and given  very positive response towards the opening of the road. They have appreciated the commendable work done by Wazir Tajwar and the NAPWD.

Bridge on Ghizar Road near Gahkuch

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