KIU vice-chancellor leads protest against lack of funds

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Gilgit, September 22: Vice-chancellor, Najma Najam, of Karakuram International University led a protest demonstration staged by teachers, management staff and students of the region’s only center of higher learning against unavailability of funds.

The protesters blasted Gilani government for slashing HEC funds. Speakers termed it an anti-education policy adopted by the ruling parties.

The VC said that KIU’s funds had been slashed by 50 %. She said that operating classes at the university with the available resources is impossible. She feared that the government’s policies are threatening future of thousands of students.

The protesters demanded funds for the university from GB government. They said that in other provinces the governments are supporting universities but the GB government has failed to do so.

The demonstration continued for 3 hours. The protesters warned that no classes will be held at the campus until reversal of the fund slashing decision.

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  1. how real z kiu in an institution? d unsual vacations v led students to a no study -hours creating enormous problems

  2. its the ri8 time for the people of the GB and the representatives to mull over the conspiracy of the federal Govt. y they are slashing an educational fund by 50% , the fund was already not enough to meet the needs of KIU. it is a conspiracy to create hurdles in the way of the exponential growth rate of eduction of GB.. i have a question from our representative pertaining to the anti-education policy, y they have kept there mouth shut? is this because of they belong to the ruling party…

  3. GB…. All the top level Education ministry and govt of Pakistan is @ large Responsible for Spoiling and ruining the future of our Students studying in Gilgit ,Karakuram university.
    Why there such long long vactaions..i have never seen a proper instituion run continously for the Cause of Educations,something or the other…Evey month somehing is happening with KIU university..Either the students are un lucky or either our Gilgit ,Baltistan administrations dont give importance for the educations of our youth and students studying in KIU.

    Why the hell every month there is vacations ..What kind of stupid university is Karakuram university and the entire Gilgit -Baltistan Education department playing with the future of our students.

    Why every month there is vacations for some reasons?
    4.lack of fund strike
    5.teachers strike
    6.students strike
    7.Flood strike.
    8.summer vacations.
    9.winter vacations
    10.Eid vacations
    etc etc etc……………………………..@ all time something is Wrong?

    when the students will be able to study than if this is the time to play and enjoy vacations .When is the Time that our University level students will be able to Start a proper regular studies without any inteferance with their study….
    it looks all weird to me and its “waste of Time” for both the parents and for their kids Education while studying in Karkuram Intenration University ,In my point of view. this is only a vacation center but not a place for Study…
    karakuram International Vacations University.
    My message to the Vice chancellor…?
    When the month for university comes that it will operate without any problems…..Why every now and than there is always. holiday at this specific university…….???I see almost everymonth Karkuram university with numerious holidays through out the year.God only can save Gilgit-Baltistan students future…Pakistan payeenda Abbad

  4. …………………….ATROCIOUS nnnd enough!!!
    the fedral govt’s move of cutting educational bugets by 50 percent,nd asking universities to generate their own funds z a mere Joke nd clear indication of d lack of long term planning.This ll have a devastating effects on student’s carriers,who r studying abroad on HEC scholarships.

  5. @ karim dad bhai… hmmmz.. okay.. but dear how it will be possible to run a university without finance. as we are well aware that finance plays a vital rule in the progress and official chores of any organization or institution, i think they are protesting against the slashing of fund.. now what’s our responsibility? should v blame the KIU only or should join hand in hand with the protesters to protest against the concerned people who are making anti eduction this not ironic and joke with the infant KIU to cut off its fund by 50% …

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