There is no shortage of wheat in GB, director Civil Supply GB

Diamer—Director Civil Supply (DCS) Gilgit- Baltistan (GB) Akhtar Hussain Rizvi has assured on Sunday that there is no shortage of wheat in any district of the Gilgit-Baltistan.

Talking to media, he said that a number of wheat depots had been set up at different points in all the districts, where an unprecedented supply of wheat was being ensured.

Replying to a question about Karak Tangir depot  Mr.  Rizvi said, “Depot of Karak Tangir village will soon be made functional which will benefit the villagers currently acquiring wheat from Jaglote depot.”The Karak Tangir depot was dysfunctional since its inception many years ago.

He said the department was utilizing all its resources to facilitate masses living in far flung areas of the region, and in this regard, special directives had been issued to the district officers to ensure adequate supply of wheat to the masses before the arrival of winter season.

Source APP

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  1. Director of food supply telling lie. Even at least you should confirm your own to post this kind of rubish pro government news. I recently visited many sites having impact on development planning saying something else than what so called officials of supply utter.

  2. I agree Riaz Jhangvi for misleading information from civil supply department. I came to know some youth along with few renown media persons, bloggers and notables both from PPP and nutral ones of Hunza visited authorities including Chief Minister to discuss the shortage two weeks earlier. They had planed to resort to dialogue first and in case of any indifference to agitation contingently. Fortunately, one of officials, recently took charge in place of director supply Gilgit and whose ambivalence caused to create wheat cum floor shortage was replaced mean while ahead of the arrival of delegation by authoritative powers . The new director not only assured delegation to continuous provision but also issued orders for immediate release of quota from Jughlot depot. For this we are thankful to all persons including media men, bloggers, social and politically active public of Hunza region.

    I also request you to join hands ( means all regiojal bloggers and journalists) to get the demand accepted…

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