Trainee Nursing Assistant "commits suicide" at Gilgit District Headquarter Hospital

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Gilgit, May 13: A nurse, identified as S, has committed suicide by hanging herself by the neck from ceiling of her room. She was living at Female Nurse Hostel of the region’s biggest health care facility,  for the past 2 years completing her training to become a Nursing Assistant.

The 22 year old nurse belonged to Chongra Village of Astore District, Gilgit – Baltistan.

There are some reports which declare the nursing trainee of be ‘mentally abnormal’. However, it is pertinent to note that similar tactics are also used to cover up cases of murder.

Public circle have expressed shock on the issue while also demanding fair investigation of the incident, to ensure justice.

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  1. Once again a very sad story to hear, Women working out doors must be given enough protection that they psychologicaly remain healthy and sound. Sorry for her family and all the people of GB.

  2. what do you mean by public circles? who are they? they need to be nammed. besides chaining the word suicide with comma means what??/
    there is no version of anybody either the police, her parents or the hospital administration then how can we set a speculation by using terms like public circles n figures.
    most importantly the phrase about ‘such things are used to cover up’ used by whom, when and why? any example?
    anybody who has told so i mean the police, NGOs or any human rights organisation.
    the story is half baked with the flavor of the K2, azan and chattan news style.
    if its really important to focus or add spice to an issue then there is the professional way that journalism gives you.
    such stories can only tarnish image of the site making it an exact translation of the weekly urdu papers of the region that are prepared by half skilled or unskilled laborers with the journalist stuff missing in them

    1. agree, our media has no sense of maturity and professionalism. though few journalists study and get relevant degrees in their field but in practice they follow the standers of traditional media reporting. (mirch-masala)

      in my view reporting needs facts, truth and fairness, no speculations or if they quot they should give relevant person name or newspaper or any media channel, including the reporter name.

      best of luck ahead for keeping us inform.

  3. Dear “Mehreen Ali” and “khan”

    Thanks for the nice comments.

    Inverted commas means that the news has been reported based on information obtained through another source. How do you know that it is in reality a suicide and not a ‘murder’? Have you investigated the case and found out the reality?

    There are thousands of cases, including tens in GB where girls have been murdered by their families and the cases have been presented as suicides. The most dominant tactic in such cases are to declare the victim/deceased as “mentally abnormal”.

    What we have done in this report can be seen as a “spice”, based on “taste” of the individual readers. However, I would like to remind you that there’s no spicing when it comes to death, specially alleged suicide. We are not in the business of adding spice to such issues.

    I agree with your suggestion that specific names should have been added in the report. However, you may also be aware that such names are also faked by our “esteemed seniors” to add sham “credibility” to their stories. We don’t believe in that kind of reporting.

    Thanks for the suggestions, nevertheless.

    1. Dear PT Staff,
      i personally welcome your comment your team is doing great job for keeping us inform about our community in that rigid area.
      in my personal comment i did not mean to target specifically PT but i was giving my own comment on general media. that was my view it could be wrong.

  4. What about autopsy report? It could be sexual assult then a murder to cover up! I guess We will have to wait till the mediacl examiner’s report! What a shame! she must have been probably only female nursing students from Diamer District! It could be a gender discrimination or honor killing or all three! The perpetrator should be hanged!

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