Jiyalas in rage over Rizvi’s “threats” to chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan

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Islamabad, April 20: Jiyalas in Skardu burnt tires and blocked the roads protesting against the alleged life threat given by MLA Razi Udin Rizvi to chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah. The business community also joined the protests by closing down shops and staging protest demonstrations in Skardu city and other areas of Baltistan.

A furious Rizvi had allegedly said that he would not allow Mehdi Shah to visit or live in Gilgit city after he was not made a member of the cabinet. “PPP has deceived me and I will see how they operate the government from Gilgit”, Rizvi had allegedly said.

PPP workers in Gilgit have also reacted to the statement attributed to Rizvi. “Our party’s history is replete with examples of sacrifices for the leaders and we can not be threatened by anyone”, leaders of PPP Gilgit have said in a press statement. “Gilgit – Baltistan is a peaceful region and we would like to maintain the peace. However, we know how to defend our leaders. Gilgit is not somebody’s personal property”, Asif Mir, Shehzad Noori and Irfan Ghazi of PPP Gilgit have reacted.

Rizvi won the election as an independent candidate and was thought to be a probable member of Mehdi Shah’s cabinet. However, his name was not included in the list of cabinet members unveiled a couple of days ago.

People in Astore and Ghizar have also protested against what they call injustice in selection of cabinet members.

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  1. i think Mr Rizvi was right to say that chief minister of GB is big deceiver as he promissed him to be a memeber of cabinet, and got his support while selecting technucrates n members of GB council.

  2. Mr. Rizvi is right.Mehdi Shah ne apne bayanaat se hee apni natajurbikari dekhayi hai.Woh doctors ko Kehta hai..Istafoon ka shok pora karo..agar Waqee Doctors ne Istafa dia tou kon hoga Gilgit mai?Yahan Pakistan se Beurcrates aatey hain Hukoomat karnay Maseehayee Karnay nahee…Jab Deedar aur Rizvi ne Inko vote dia aur waada bhi kia gaya tou pora karna Chahye..

  3. Mr. Rizvi is a responsible politician and has proved himself as an unbeatable contestant even in face of the larger parties. I think it is inappropriate for a politician of his stature to issue such a statement against a Chief Minister, who has already nothing in his hand (not to speak of his head and heart!).

  4. Our political leaders residing in GB needs to show maturity in their conducts and to understand the true essence of democracy. Our political leader are suppose to show well disciplined and calm attitude, if these traits are lacking then how on earth they claim as the true representatives of the public.
    So ‘ Hosh K Nakhun Sambhalo’ and try to work for the well being of the people, which has left behind due to the your so called political imbroglios.

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