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Excerpts from a post by Reshma Parveen

The world had changed rapidly due to information through internet in the mid 90s. The information coming into the world of internet on daily bases is out of our imagination. In such a rapidly changing situation, it is almost impossible and hard for us to manage information that we need. The difficulty increases in our context and culture where little awareness prevails among the mass as how to get benefit from internet. The youth of our area as I see on facebook are increasingly using internet. The internet is used for different purposes such as social communication, data sharing, gaining knowledge etc.

We should keep in mind some of the guidelines to use internet. It is important first to have a purpose in mind before searching through internet. Secondly while roaming from site to site we also come across some websites, that seem useful to us and we want to go to that site again and again. Such web sites are saved in the favorites which can be revisited without wasting much of our time. Thirdly we also need to be selective among sites…..some websites are really good but others are just for passing time and still other are not even recommendable. The decision lies in our hand as what to see and what not to.

Below are some useful web addresses which I have personally used and found them effective in terms of learning. Some of these sites are for parents who can use them with their children from age as early as three years. Some are good for learning English focuses all the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Still others give a good practice of standardized tests such as IELTs, TOFL, GRE, GMAT, CAT ect.

This site I specially recommend for parents and teachers to use with their children. BBC itself a well famous website has produced these materials for children of age three till primary years. The games given in this site are useful in engaging the child’s mind and give some good brain exercise. The story telling part is useful for children to learn English by listening and develop interest in reading. The colouring part is a good resource for children to learn about colours. There are many other things such as puzzles, drawing, sketching and many more… I suggest you to explore this site for your children for free.

This site is very useful in learning English through different activities of listening and playing. You can log in freely and can use it for your children.


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  1. i highly Recomend such kind of comments to come more on PT for the our Youth ,our sister Reshma has highlited the benefit and how to use internet.

    There must be a good purpose for Surfing net..

    I appreciate such kind of more informations for our youth about How to use the Internet and What are the best side one can benifit from.
    Waiting for more and more informations from all our people ,i hope PT will give more coverage to the useful informations and usage of internet sites for the benefit of our young talented Youths.

    Thanks Regards


  2. “Culture Concept”

    And I would require
    Every newspaper
    Every day
    To print on its front page
    A child’s drawing,
    As the news
    That does not report
    What has happened:
    No, this news would report
    What is striving to happen.
    So that we finally
    Learn to see.
    So that we finally
    Learn to dream.
    So that we finally
    Learn to dream.
    So that we finally
    Are able to weigh
    The weight
    Of the world.

    By Franz Hohler
    (translated in English from the German)

  3. Parveen I appreciate for ringing bell about usage of internet. I agree with you that we should have a purpose before searching through internet to gain knowledge and information otherwise we will drown as in an ocean and could not be able to obtain the needed pearls from it. The website addresses you have given are very useful to search and get benefit from it thanks for sharing it.


  4. We all agree to Ms Parveen about the usage of internet. The dilemma most of us are facing nowadays regarding internet usage is unsatisfactory. Many of our youth waste their precious times on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Tagged etc etc..
    In one aspect these social networking sites are healthy to stay in touch with our nears and dears and learning about different topics through blogs but most of us are attracted by the games, unproductive comments and imaginary personality quizzes. Thus the real essence of using internet especially social networking sites is not visible.
    We need to give limited time to such unproductive things and should use search engines on internet in a better way. The above given piece of writing is very useful for the youth for their studies.

  5. Reshma

    Very constructive suggestions, everyone should understand the use and misuse of internet. Is there any age restriction?

    1. Thank you all for your encouraging comments.
      @Saleem! there is no age restriction but there are different sites for different ages, interests, professions, purpose, requirements ect. I would request parents to help their children use internet as early as three years of age but with their guidance. The learning games help children’s mental development as they make associations.

  6. Thanks Afiyat bhayi and Gohar………. keep visiting my blog, i m puting things up related to your own edu as well as of ur children…

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