Governor Baig wants dams in Gilgit – Baltistan


ISLAMABAD, Oct 29 (APP): Acting Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Wazir Baig called on Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf here on Friday and congratulated him on getting funds from America for Sadpara and Diamar Basha dams.Wazir Baig was accompanied by Deputy Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly Jameel Ahmad.
He also asked the minister to hold talks with China for completion of Bonji dam. He said the timely completion of those dams would not only facilitate the people of Gilgit-Baltistan but would also help meet power shortage in Pakistan.
The Acting Governor said that efforts should also be made for getting funds from Asian Development Bank for Hassan Abad, Hunza Power House. He said the Power House besides providing electricity to the local population would be a source of facilitating tourists.
The minister assured him that the Pakistan government would make all-out efforts to address the genuine demands of Gilgit-Baltistan people.


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  1. The dam-game is still inside his mind, as half of his constituency is already under an artificial dam and God forbid, another disaster (Miacher-Nagar) is likely to happen which can inundate the whole of centeral Hunza and major villages of Nagar valley.

    While the government seems to have the wait and see formula for the future disasters as well.

  2. Mr Wazir Baig being an …… incompitent person had never imagined that why United States was willing to pay donation for the construction of Sadpara and Diamer Dam. He has to please his masters at all, neither he thought about the wellbeing of people nor he tried to understand the international conspiracies and great game about GB. As it is evident that GB is a sensitive region bordering several atomic powers of the world. Mr Wazir Baig should realise that America if once enters a region, never exit, and always make it hollow. We do have a lot of example in this regard, e.g. Veitnam, Palestine, Arab countries, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan. In the name of debts, financial support, donations, bringing democracy, strengthening political system and development, America made Pakistan hollow and captured it in her claws. Now it is quite difficult for Pakistan to get rid of the ‘Uncle Sam’. Now in the name of constructing Water reservoirs and other infrastructures US intends to deeper its roots in GB. Many US diplomats visited Deosai Platue and Sadpara Dam site, which is enough to awaken us. US never wants China’s influence in the region, in this way western and Indian media had initatied a baseless propaganda that China has infiltrate their army in GB in the name of widening of KKH.

    If one argues that America just wants to help Pakistan and GB, then a question arises here that why America doesn’t support African poor countries where thousands of children and people die due to malnutrition each year? America has become master in playing dirty games since ancient times, and fulfills her own agenda.

    As for as peole of GB is concerned we should not be pleased on the announcement made by US for the construction of Water resevoirs, rather we will have to know and judge the backgroung and hidden truth behind this assistance. We should never beleif in the sayings and non sense comments of our so called and illeterate leadres like Mr Wazir Baig.
    May Allah bless our dear region and people, and save from enemies. (AAMEEN)

    Long Live Gilgit Baltistan!!!!!!!!

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