Wazir Baig rubbishes allegations of illegal appointments at governor secretariat

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Gilgit, November 11: The Governor House has rubbished allegations of illegal hirings levelled by GB Finance Minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, against the acting governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

“All contractual hirings were done during the time of late governor Dr. Shama Khalid and the present acting governor has not made any hirings”, a representative of the Governor House told the media.

He also said that the allegations against the governor are misleading and based on malafide intentions.

Several regional newspaper published a news item the other day in which Akhtar was quoted as saying that illegal hirings have been made at the governor secretariat.

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  1. A minister can not comment in haste or on the besis of enimity, but he has highlited whatever happened. So, there is something fishy at the bottom.

  2. Governor Baig’s track record is that of an honest, straightforward, and hardworking leader who has resisted the temptations of power to be corrupt.

    If there is one individual in the whole PPP set up who could be considered as upright and virtuous than it is none other than Wazir Biag. So tarnishing his image at this juncture appears to be a concerted campaign to jeopardise his Governorship campaign.

    This man called Muhammed Ali Akhtar levels baseless allegations all the time, and he seems to be motivated not out of principle but out of an ulterior motive whose well-springs may be either sectarian, ethnic, or a linguistic in nature. Shame to Muhammed Ali Akhtar.

    Now having so vociferously opposed MAK we cannot take our gaze away from Wazir Baig and we must closely watch and monitor his conduct, to be able set the example of impartial judgement. Justice can only be achieved if we apply the principles of justice unequivocally across the board. The people of GB have wasted too much time, energy and resources in the pursuit of partisan interests rooted in sectarian, and ethnic issues. We now need to jettison those and instead play a politics of progress, development, liberation, and equity in society. Rather than passionately defend Ismaili, Shii or Sunni causes we should seek to be partisan with the oppressed, with the poor, with the underclass, with the vulnerable and engender a political discourse that debates real issues as opposed to these baseless accusations and counter-accusations.

    Trangfa Maujood
    Shishper Meadows

  3. This is very strange…Muhammad Ali Akhter think that other people are doing the same which he is doing professionally for many years. He should be ashamed on his baseless statement against a very honest and dedicated politician. He should see himself b4 saying something to other.

    Muhammad Ali should also know, that Wazir is the only Educated and Honest leader in your political setup throughout the country.

    Murad Khan

  4. What a country, Gora Sahab,

    The honorable minister is talking about illegal appointments, In their definition of illegal is something which is not according to his personal will.

    That is what I understand of his statements.

  5. We should proed of the courageous and admireable atatement given by Finance Minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar instead of abusing him. He has highlighted and exposed an evil deed which has been done in GB. Majority of honourable members of the Assembly and intellectuals of GB have appreciated this stament. This attempt will be a path to aradicate such evil deeds in future.

  6. Dear Usman,
    We respect his position as “Finance Minister” and the same time he should also respect for himself and other seniors. I think we must have courage to condemn liars and their baseless statements. We all are part of GB and we know each other very well.

    Murad Khan

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