21 Gojali girl students asked to vacate KIU hostels, seek Suo Moto action from Justice Chaudhary

Political leadership nowhere to be seen

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Gilgit, January 10: The Karakoram International University has taken an anti – education decision by asking 21 girl students belonging to Gojal Valley to vacate its hostels.

The girl students belonging to the declared and notified calamity hit area have been asked to submit their due fees by Monday, or leave the hostels.

The failure of GB government to fulfil its promise of allocating funds for the students has led to a crisis, seriously jeopardizing future of the female students.

“The GB government has sold thousands of litres of petrol and diesel sent as relief by  China”, students of KIU, who did not want to be named out of fear, told Pamir Times. “The revenue generated should have been used to pay our fees and dues because our parents do not have the means to help us”, they said.

The students were highly critical of the political leadership and said that despite of there being two members from Hunza in the GBLA basic issues of the calamity hit people remain unresolved.

“This is a conspiracy against the people of Gojal”, one student alleged. “Our people are living without any health facilities in the calamity hit region and now they want to deprive us of education”, she lamented.

The students said that they would go a hunger strike if the KIU administration and GB government did not do justice. “The Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary, should take suo-moto notice of these cruel actions and provide us justice”, the students unanimously said.

Acting Governor, Wazir Baig, has been saying that the government has distributed 10 million rupees in the calamity hit region to cater to the educational needs of the students.  The GB government also says that their coffers are empty and all money has been used to help the flood affected people.

It is pertinent here to note that during his visit of Karimabad, Hunza, premier Gillani had announced that all educational expenses of the students belonging to the Gojal Valley would be born by the government.

However, despite of a lapse of seven months since the announcement was made, majority of the students have not received any aid from the government.

Public circles have appealed to the federal government to intervene and save future of the female students. “Already there is a dearth of educated women in Gilgit – Baltistan”, Alam, a civil society activist said. “The government should fulfil its promises and provide due support to the students”, he further said.

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  1. Dear Nur, I just wanted to comment on the above news. This indeed a shocking news that these students have been asked to vacate KIU Hostel. We should take stand against the decision of KIU management. Following actions can be taken:-
    – Carryout protest by all the students of KIU from Hunza-Gojal
    – Rabita Committee should meet VC-KIU, Governor and CM also.
    – ……. [district administration] should be asked to pay the dues from the money earned by selling the petrol and diesel. …..has 49 lac rupees in account which must be spent for the betterment of Gojal Valley.

    Furthermore this news needs more media coverage locally and nationally!

  2. It is really dishonorable news for the elective representatives from the Hunza-Gojal people have elected their representative to resolve their issue. If we look Gojal history no and never demanded for free education, they are self reliance people.
    The 4th January disaster change the socio-economic scenario of the Gojal, during the disaster many so called politicians have announced several commitments to resolve issue of Goajal. All the issues! the most important health and education are in place, now the government is taken extreme anti education decision ask them to vacant their hotel rooms. It is an extreme conspiracy against female education by the political figures; it will be the optimum tolerance of injustice with the Gojalis female student by the government. All the educational loving segments condemn university anti education decision against the calamity hit area female student.

  3. Deplorable and shameshaking..while at one end, God blessed Miss China came to provide relief goods–our own authorities lag behind in even aiding d people regarding, the much needed education.If kIU meeks off such a ruthless act–we students all over d country ll drag out a massive protest.

  4. WIth respect to the comments on this page, I disagree that our “knee jerk” should be to protest and spend our energies on the negative. First and foremost Pamir Times should do an investagative piece identifying the issues and problems. I dont think anyone would just wake up one day and throw students out of a hostel. There must be history and issues … WHAT are they?
    Secondly, once we know the facts we should mobilize the communities to help with the issue at hand. As an example if the issue is of cash; we should mobilize a group of young people who should go and visit all the elders, communities, organizations and individuals to collect funds for these students and one group of elders should meet with the University faculty to see what can be done. ALL ISSUES CAN BE RESOLVED IF ONE USES THE GIFT ALLAH HAS GIVEN US: OUR BRAIN! Protest, the use of force and threats is NOT the first answer to solving a problem.

  5. @nisar
    Good ideas are always valuable and free of cost-and ought to be the always the first choice to act and react..Actually what the reality is that this mighty government and its peripheral authorities have proved to a deaf thread for the people.Problems have piled and aggrevatindg since they have taken charge.They turned The Attabad incident into a man made Disaster-which nevertheless has left gojal 15 years back of histroy.
    In a nut shell one cant expect anything humane from them.We thus believe the second option of knee jerkk-which the govt actually understands…remaind that any 1 problem that has been solved yet–has been only the kindness of LLLLLLLLong march.

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