Mainstream media misleading, residents of Hunza complaint

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Islamabad, January 5: Residents of Hunza valley have criticized the mainstream TV channels for spreading misleading information about the “active role” of state machinery in relief work.

“The government has crawled into action forty eight hours after the disaster had struck, but the TV channels were spreading the perception as if the entire state machinery has been brought to service of the people”, an angry resident told Pamir Times on phone.

A resident of Hunza valley based in Islamabad said that the mainstream TV channels flashed old video of a glacial lake outburst flood that had taken place last year to depict the disaster at Attabad. “Running the old video not only misled viewers, it also spread anxiety among residents of the region who are currently living outside the country and in other cities of Pakistan”, he said. He also said that the video was not properly tagged to clarify it’s nature, location and date.

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  1. our Pakistani media is totally failed to coverage this all situation, shame media shame.

  2. I salute the field and reality based reporting of PT on major events/issues in Hunza. I request all other bloggers to follow PT and give due credits to the orignal sources if quoted. I was watching a documentary on Hunza Times prepared by Regional Council Hunza, KADO woth Divaako Productions. The blogger has just entered the title HUnza Times Exclusive and made available. Please follow the professional ethics. Link of the video

  3. I suppose all media news on disasters in the GB region should be channeled through PT as no one else can match them. It has been a source of authentic information as n when required. its very nasty of the mainstream media channels to think that rest of the world is stupid. Shamefull indeed, they are supoosed to apologize

  4. Dear User
    As far as the video at is concern it not belongs to Regional Council of hunza nor of Dewako Production.It is the video prepared by Samaa Tv that is further telecasted on Samaa tv and the video was shared by the correspondent of Samaa Tv there.As a part of Samaa tv i personally downloaded it via http://FTP.Inspite of Blaiming someone check the original source if u want the copy of that video telecasted on Samaa tv its a matter of few seconds.Well i really appreciate PT for it services and for your information we are courtesy partners and when we use someones data that belongs to PT or other source we use its courtesy.If you are not satisfied you can check hundreds of posts which we takened from other sources.

    Sher Afzal Hunzai

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