Pakistan Army promotes two GBians to the post of Major General

Pakistan Army Major General
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ISLAMABAD, November 15: Brigadier Professor Salman Ali of the Pakistan Army Medical Corps and Brigadier Hidayat Ur Rehman, Infantry Division of Pakistan Army, have been promoted to the rank of Major General, according to information shared with Pamir Times by highly informed sources.

Both the promoted officers belong to Gilgit – Baltistan.

Major General Hidayat ur Rehman hails from Astore Valley, while Major General Professor Salman Ali belongs to Gojal Valley, Hunza.

It is for the very first time that any GB resident working in the Infantry Division has been promoted to the rank of Major General.

Brief profiles of the GB officers

  • Major General Professor Salman Ali

Born in Sarteez Muhallah of Gircha (Gojal – Hunza)

Father’s name: Master Sultan Ali (famously known as Ustad Samarqand)

Topped SSC exam in 1970 from Lahore Board, while studying at Boys High School number 1 – Gilgit

Joined Edward College, Peshawar, and topped the board, doing FSc

Joined King Edward Medical College, Lahore

Joined Medical Corps of Pakistan Army in 1980

Promoted to the rank of Brigadier in 2003

Promoted to the rank of Major General in 2010

Serving as Child Specialist at the Military Hospital, Rawalpindi

  • Major General Hidayat Ur Rehman

Born in Bonji, Astore

Joined Military College Jehelum

Joined Pakistan Army in 1983

Led UN missions abroad

Served as instructor at staff college Quetta

Promoted to the rank of Major General in 2010

Currently serving as Chief of Army, Gujranwala Core

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  1. Congrats to both of them. We are really proud of you. Looking at Major General Salman Ali and thinking of Late Ustod Sultan Ali (May his soul rest in peace).

  2. Many congratulations to both shining stars of GB. We are all proud of you. It is a great honor for all of us and our youth should follow your foot steps if they want to achieve something.

    With best regards and prayers,

    Sultan Ahmed and family

  3. Heartiest congratulations to both o f the officers for reaching this height in their careers.

    It shows our competence and commitment with their jobs. I personally know the level of commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm for service to the community. He really deserves more recognition.

    We are really proud to both the sons of Gilgit Baltistan for their promotion to the rank of Major General.

    May Allah bless you, your families, our homeland, Gilgit Baltistan and our country Pakistan.

    Sher Karim

  4. Its gud to know it will remove mis understanding that GBians don’t get promoted in higher ranks ..


  5. great news
    more will join such ranks
    but why were the Gilgit Scouts

    “Gilgit scouts were the first battalion in 1948 to capture Kargil and Batalik, where they were awarded the motto of Victors. Honorary Captain Muhammad Baber Khan took part in liberation war 1947/48.”

    I think Gilgit Scouts should have been historically honoured by their heroic actions and been named the main regiment
    if Northern Areas are now GB
    should the NLI
    now be

    how do the Hunzakuts Nagaris Gupis Ishkoman Chillas Astore Darel Tangir
    Baltees, Shins, Yashkuns, Mughals, Kashmiris, Pathans, Ladakis and Turks who speak the dialects of Balti, Shina, Brushaki, Khawer, Wakhi, Turki, Pushto, Urdu and Persian.
    feel about this?

    hus sain

    1. hussain, the northern light infantry[nli]. pakistan regiment headquarted in gilgit [gb]. it was formed in 1971. nli regiments personnel came from gilgitis,baltis,bucshes,wakhis, and khowers. it was formed with amalgamtion of northrn scouts along with scout wings. karakoram scouts and gilgit scouts.

  6. Congratulations to both the officers. It is a great honor for us- the people of Gilgit – Baltistan. We are proud of you and wishing for your success in the future.

    Sajjad and Samina
    Riyadh- KSA

  7. we are proud of Maj.Gen.Salman Ali, just like his great father.
    congratulation again both of you.

  8. Congratulations to both for their greatest achievement.

    Prof. Dr Salman Ali really deserve this position and respect , as he has always served the people of Gilgit Baltistan in general and People of Hunza Gojal in particular.

    May Almighty Bless them with Good Health and Happiness , And give them the courage to serve the community with more patience and dignity.

  9. Heartiest congratulations to both o f the officers for reaching this height in their careers.It is a great honor for Gilgit Baltistan for their promotion to the rank of Major General.


  10. This is indeed a very good news for people of Gilgit Baltistan on the occasion of Eid.
    I congratulate Maj. Gen. Salman and Maj. Gen. Hidayat on this occasion on behalf of my Village Misgar Gojal.
    God bless both them with further career heights. Ameen.

    Sher Shah

  11. Congratulations to both officers for reaching this milestone in their careers.
    They truly are an inspiration to the youth.

  12. Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK) congratulates both of you on the occasion of your promotion to the rank of Major General in Pakistan Army.

    We are all proud of you and it is a great honor for all of us and hope our young generation will follow your footsteps to serve the nation.

    With best regards,

    Karim Ali Bahadur

  13. This is true reflection of exceptional hard work and professionalisim. Congrts to the individuals- Gen/ Prof Salman Ali and Gen Hidayat their families, friends and the GB communities at large.

  14. —Congratulation first to the renown institute i.e. Pakistan Army to keep the meritocratic selection and promotion cafeteria so high and distinguished and based on principles.
    Second, congratulations and very special wishes to the holder of the honor of the sons of Gilgit-Baltistan, Mr. Hedayat, Mr.Salman and families.
    It’s a day of rejoice for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and specially for those who were gossiping that, for promotion with in the army for GB is up to Brigadier. This biased statement of the individuals proved wrong by the great sons of Gilgit-Baltistan and the High-ups of Pakistan Army.
    This achievement of the individuals proved that, If you have the devotion, zeal and capability non stops you to make achievements and progress in life.

    What the lesson to learn, YOUTH?

    If you have a target in life. If you have a sincerely devotion to achieve that target there is no any hindrance and non stops you to achieve it.
    My humble request to every student, look at them and pave the life plan what ever YOU people plan to be. There is no place for an average student.

    Engr. Baig Ali & Family

  15. Many congratulations to both officers on your well deserved promotion to the top rank of Pak Army. You change the history and open new ways for the generations to come. This is because of your dedication, support and commitment to the needy people. God bless you.

    Ejaz Karim Raminji

  16. Many many Congratulations to Major General Professor Salman Ali and his family. We are proud of you!!!

  17. I also join the pamir time and say congratulation to professor Salman Ali on elevation to the rank of Maj Genral ,a very prestigious position in Pak Army .It is very true such promotion and elevation change profile of community and villages .I think professor Dr Salman the first to become a regular Maj Gen from Hunza ,although Mir of Hunza was honoraryProfessor Dr Salman ,s this promotion was much awaited according to my understanding as he was already on the threshold ,nevertheless he achieved this milestone and added a new chapter in Hunza and Gojalian history.I also congratulate the soldier from Astore valley who has proved the mountain deweller are equally talented to actualize their talent in an enabling competitive environment.

  18. many many congeratulation to uncle Salman Ali and to Mr. Hidayat for their wonderful achivement. indeed it is an historic achivement in the G-B history.


  19. congratulation both of u. and Mr salam bai aaj aap ney usdad muhtarm sultan Ali ka khuwab taber main badal deya . hum sab gaw waley aur belkhosus SSY (sonehri sarteez youth) ki janab say dil ki atha gehraye say mubarak bad pash kartey hai wasalm ……. karim sarteezi

  20. Congratulation to both of you. May Allah bless you his countless blessing upon and your family. Your patience and your khidmat to our people of Gilgit-Baltistan is very appreciable. It is a historic achievement in the history of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Hameed Ullah Khan

  21. Many many Congratulation to uncle Major General Hidayat Ur Rehman and to Mr. MG Salman for their wonderful achievement, indeed it is an historic achievement in the G-B history. May Almighty Bless them with Good Health and Happiness , And give them the courage to serve the community with more patience and dignity.

    Naseem Ullah
    Metrovill, Karachi

  22. It was about time for the sons of Gilgit Baltistan to honored for their hard work,dedication and professionalism. I thank Pakistan’s current military leadership for such a good job, but this is nothing compare to the sacrifices sons of Gigit Baltistan have offered to Pakistan for 63 years. I salute to both Hayat Rehman brother and Dr. Salman Ali brother. I am proud of them.

  23. Shokr Mawla and congratulations to both the respected officers for their achievements and we are proud of them. Our youth should follow their best tradition of honesty, sincerity, commitment and hard work and aspire for the best. Well done officers!


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