Musharraf to contest election from Chitral

CHITRAL: Former president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf would contest election from Chitral district, a top leader of the newly launched All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) said on Sunday.Addressing a public meeting here, APML Secretary General Muhammad Ali Saif said his party would usher a new era of development in the country. “The demand of people of Chitral that Pervez Musharraf should contest election from their district has proved that the masses want a change in the politics of the country and that only a revolutionary leader can bring these changes,” he remarked. 

Saif said that champions of democracy and rights of the people were depositing huge amounts of ill-gotten money in their foreign bank accounts and inflation had reached the highest level. “Those raising the slogans of ‘Pakistan Khappey’ are looting the country and are depriving them of bread, cloth and home,” he said.

Muhammd Ali Saif, who is also a spokesman for the former president, said the government was taking credit of the development projects started by the previous government.

Khalid Pervez son of MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin was appointed acting convenor and Faizur Rehman as secretary general of the party, on the occasion.

Originally Published by The Daily News

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  1. Wow. Congratulations. every single person of GB and Chitral are the admirers of the man of vigor. (PM) pervez Musharraf. Go ahead every educated and moderate person will be supporting you

  2. way to go. now every general should know that democracy makes the nation. who else can show that military does not rule country, than musharaf. i think we should applaud his economic reform. now we should eliminate military rule & bring gilgit into our parliament. that will make our government function alot better if all people representative of each province given voice. maybe president can be from regions that did not have much support to government. good luck to musharaff. maybe his all pakistan league will win election.

  3. Musharaf Returns—need of the hour upon Kings of Yore:
    The recent ongoing superhit film ‘musharaf returns’ delineating excting war of words is impressive,but instead of wasting time,in slinging mud on the present smuck politicians,he should now make a real move.
    Time has proved that the present govt has no abilities to cater even common problems.They have badly failed to disharge thier duties honestly.
    They claim to be the champions od democrcy,but in reality are Kings of yore’.Inflation and corroution has strangled commen men in the so called De-mokeracy.The nation is fully aware of thier weak governance.Unity,Faith,and Discipline now spell-Unique Failure of Democracy..(bagghal ma juuuuta)
    Therefore, Musharaf ought to immediately return and mend the noble idea of a nation envasiged by the fathaer of the nation.In this regard APML should hold conventions in all major cities and other parties should ……jion APML.

  4. its an exciting news indeed for me being a citizen of Gilgit,Baltistan, unfortunately we do not have the rights of vote for Musharaff sahib. becouse Gilgit, Baltistan Assembly is currently not more than a puppet or dummy assembly for govt to secure some of its rights in diffent fields otherwise 63 yrs passed we the people of Gilgit, Baltistan are not considered as citizen of Pakistan ,Nothing more than a third race
    No develeopements are done in our areas ,whatever Revenue our govt gets from Soust border ,Tourim Royalty.Minerals ,Water our rights are not fullfilled, our demand for Province is our rights to fight and raise our voices. Inshallah within this coming elections Our great leader The man of Vision Gen.(rtd) Perviz Mushraff only can come to the Rescue of Gilgit, Baltistan people. I salute Musharaff sahib. if we the Gilgit, Baltistan were a Province You would have contested Elections from Gilgit,Baltistan.
    In the years ahead we look forward to Former President Pervaiz Musharaff to come forwad in sovling the long lasting Issue of Gilgit ,Baltistan People.
    Hope Apml will be the right Political party for moderate and Educated youths to bring changes in our Gilgit,Baltistan and neighbour chitral.

    Looking forward and wishing APML Party every sucess in the upcoming Elections in 2013, Change is the need of time.

    All the best of luck for Pervaiz Musharaff sahib in the long run

    With love

  5. The Killer of 250000 innocent Pakistani is again trying to come to Pakistan, i condemn his decision to contest election from Chitral.

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