Two books by Professor Amin Zia launched in Gilgit

Two books authored by prominent literary figure of Gilgit – Baltistan, Professor Amin Zia, were launched at a ceremony held in Gilgit city. The first title, Sarosh-e-Zia (The Angel of Light), is a collection of Professor Amin’s poetry. The second book is a dictionary of Shina language, one of the languages spoken in Gilgit – Baltistan.  The books were launched by Professor Usman Ali, a prominent Gilgit based linguist and chief minister of GB, Syed Mehdi Shah.

Photo: Zafar Abbas Barcha

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the information. Does any one has the address of publisher / Bookseller from where one can order these books ? Will appreciate if some one could post the price and contact address of author / publisher. I checked at local shops [ in Karachi ] but failed to find.

    Thanking you,


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