[Watan Cards] “Raja” follows “Pir”

Raja Azam and Pir Karam Ali Shah among Watan Card beneficiaries

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Islamabad, December 5: MLA “Raja” Azam Khan is one of the beneficiaries of the Watan Card income support fund established by the PPP government to help the flood affectees who have been left destitute by floods earlier this year.

It is pertinent to note that Raja Azam Khan belongs to the ruling family of Shigar Valley, Baltistan.

Another MLA, former deputy chief executive of GB, Syed Pir Karam Ali Shah, had also obtained the Watan Card.

The local people, including voters of these two elected representatives, have expressed surprise and shock over the the trend because both legislators are among the richest people of Gilgit – Baltistan, courtesy of their ancestral wealth.

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  1. The demise of self-proclaimed kingdom! Change is inevitable. Rajas and Pirs need a welfare now while the sons of the poor no more require it. Let them hold the cards, the symbol of the fall. Gone are the days, when the camel was nobler than the human. Do more people, still a long way to go. Do not worry about the Bey Watan Cards.

  2. Dear Pamir times!
    thank you for your working on such issues. we all should be ashamed on our leadership. they are snatching the fodder from the mouth of those who need their care and attention. wake up people, wake up and look at you future. otherwise;

  3. It is encouraging to see that the government could identify the poorest of the poor in Gilgit-Bailtistan and took timely action by providing them watan cards. At the same time it is pathetic that people of Gilgit-Baltistan could not even realize that in their economically prosperous region there are extremely poverty ridden people like Pir Karam Ali shah and Raja Azam Khan, who hardly make both ends meet. It doesn’t matter if Pir Saheb and Jara Saheb have hundreds of acres of land, it is not at all pertinent if they live in big houses, it is not to mention if they have millions of rupees in their bank balance, it is not the public concern if they have invested in various schemes, it is out of question that they have ruled and dominated the public for centuries, it has nothing to do with posterity if they have been elected every time for NA or MLA. Nothing can stop them from being called poor because it is the government which can decide who is poor and who is not poor, so the government thinks they are poor and they are deserving and they should get watan cards. Who asked the flood to touch the corners of their empires while devastating other people’s properties. Those who have lost everything can not be poor because the government does not think they deserve so they should be happy that they do not need any support. They should think the whole world as their house as they can live anywhere in the open field on the land of God and enjoy the air instead of food ……

    Now, thanks to the government, the people of GB came to know about the most deserving people in the region. It is therefore, responsibility of the people to take necessary action to support the deserving. I suggest that those people who have lost their houses and property in particular and everyone from GB in general should give their Zakat to Pir Saheb and Raja Saheb so that it will be some help for them in addition to watan card.

  4. I want to donate 10 rupees each for Pirs and rajas and thamos who are flood effected or bankrupt, everyone should come forward give a helping hand to these needies. I feel so sorry for them,,no kidding

  5. I congratulkate Sunny,Pervez, Hunzai and Jan for producing such excellent comments. I have only graded them as there is nothing to be added. They are comprehensive. It is like pre-revolutionary France where the poor were pushed back and every thing was provided to the nobles. In a way it is good that these selfish people have been exposed and public will be aware of their selfishness

  6. Dear readers
    i feel proud to have the Raja Azam and Pir Karam Ali Shah among Watan Card beneficiaries in our areas,really they are the most deserving they may fulfill the education requirements of their childern abroad.thumbs up n hats off to such is the very common genetic disease with all the pakistani politicians.come on get up and change the filthy gene code which dont ever wanna change. get up stands for your rights ,taking a stand is final solution.

  7. sir mera watan card nahe bana he me khair pur nathan shah zila dadu ka rahne wala hon mera nic – 41203-9397546-3 he plz plz mere requet he aap se ke card banae plz

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